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The Cocktail Hour ft. The Funk Hunters

Happy Funky Friday!

Last time we hosted a Funk Hunters mix was for their last Shambhala mix so we’re well overdue for a full blown funk attack. This set brings the heat of course. Shambhala is where you pull out all the stops and this mix does not disappoint. I got to hang out with them after their set at the East Van Summer Jam this year and it only reinforced what I already assumed about them. Super cool dudes. What up Nick and Dunks!

This isn’t an intro to these funkateers, its a reminder that Vancouver has the realist.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Duck Sauce

Quack quack mother fuckers!



Happy Friday! Enjoy this hilarious and dancy mix from the guys with the most style in dance music. This is The Duck Tape from Duck Sauce!



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The Cocktail Hour ft. The Funk Hunters

Happy Funky Friday!


This weeks mix is special! (arent they all) It is the Funk Hunter’s Shambhala set recorded in the Fractal Forrest. It is special to me because I think its largely similar to their Squamish Live set and it was possibly the most under-rated yet favorite set of the weekend. It. Got. Weird.

I love these Vancouverites and its been a pleasure to watch them come up in the ranks and keep the wobbly, head banging, funk fresh.

Cheers to Dunk and The Outlier


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The Cocktail Hour ft. Slynk

Ladies and gentlemen! Its that time of the week again. Time to grab a refreshing beverage and get your funk on!


This week the groovy basslines are coming hot off the turn tables of DJ Slynk of Australia. This guy is no stranger to Canada  though, he built quite the reputation for himself at our best kept secret festival, Shambhala. Enjoy this hour of ghetto-funk recorded during his surprise set at The Fractal Forest last year.


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Choose Wisely: Perfect Tracks with discipline.


Olivier Grégoire is a talented and restlessly motivated DJ/producer from Belgium. He is mostly know as Kolombo, but trying to take stock of all his release is a big job when you consider all this pseudonyms across many, many labels (8+). His approach to his work shows a joy of experimentation with several genres. Kolombo has grown a loyal international fan base from nearly all major land masses like Russia, Brazil, the US, and Europe.

To start, the latest track to drop is Nonstop! with Sharam Jey.

Check out the bass massive “My Own Business.”

“Whatever U Like” has a lively melody with a perfect grouping of hot and heavy lyrics.

Kolombo is proof that constant high production values which are coupled with an open mind and a hard work ethic are key to creating a sound above the common. I really shy away from using the term “minimal,” but his style is refreshing when compared to other producers and DJs that attempt to throw as much frequency and noise at their listeners as possible. Sometimes it is best to offer fewer sounds which are carefully selected.

A-Trak: A love story..

A-Trak is one of my favorite DJs for a so many reasons. He’s Canadian. He wears fedoras like, really well. He’s been the best scratch DJ in the world since he was 15. I’m not even exaggerating at all. You have to see it, I don’t know how he does it! It just sits up there super chill and not douchy at all.


Look at this guy.

He’s 1/2 of Duck Sauce. He runs the coolest record label, Fools Gold, which has signed the coolest artist.. Danny Brown, Chromeo, Tommy Trash, Flosstradamus, Kavinsky, just to name a few.  He also runs this super weird and awesome YouTube channel with Diplo and Skrillex, POTATOwillEATyou.

Most importantly though, I saw him at a my first music festival in 2010. Back when I had no idea what kind of music I liked or what artists were my favorite.. I was just on an adventure. Then I stumbled into the dance tent and witnessed Trizzy scratching Robot Rock by Daft Punk. This. This is what its all about.

I cant WAIT to see him blow the roof off Celebrities tonight!! Get your tickets right hurr





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