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Kusch – Call Your Name

Check out this uplifting new deep house single from my Edmontonian friend KUSCH.

And for a bonus, check out these swampy funky tunes in his 30 minutes Night Bass  mix.

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Alix Drums and Perez Bass

Something a little deeper and faster tonight by Alix Perez. Real name: Alix Depauw, a Belgium who is known for his additive Drum and Bass. He started young at age 14 and started producing at 17. The label Shogun Audio contains his album “1984” in 2009. Critical acclaim on magazines such as Mixmag has propelled him to chart topping hights. Don’t be shy to bob your head to this massive debut Essential Mix. Shogun Audio was even nice enough to offer a download of the whole thing. 




The Cocktail Hour ft. Disclosure

Happy Friday kids!


This week we are returning to the sultry dub and bass of the UK duo, Disclosure. There’s been a lot of talk about these dudes being on the forefront of this dance music wave. Let me tell you, its definitely fresh. Can’t wait to see what all the hype is about at Sasquatch!


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alex clare : The Lateness of The Hour

Alright, alright, alright…

If you haven’t got your hands on Alex Clare‘s album, please do yourself a big favour and do so. The Lateness Of The Hour is the name of the Brit’s debut album that was released just about a year ago.

Here is Treading Water. My personal favourite, with a great drum-n-bass groove.


And of course the hottest track off the album must be Too Close. Here is Nadastrom’s Remix:


Make sure to find yourself a copy of this “dubpop” record, to hear the original and much more.

Oh btw, Major Lazer had their hands in the production of this puppy.

much love [sq.face]



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the end of Electro as we know it.

Well your dirty little secret is out… Skrillex wins 3 Grammys, the Scene explodes, Paris Hilton “becomes” a dj… full stop.

We all saw it coming. The unique and original sound of underground dance music has become a playing field for shitty producers, hype machines and marketers. The not so hipster genre, has lost all credibility as it opened its gates to the masses and let itself be impaled by the raging, looking-to-find-something-fresh-to-copy member of the mainstream. If before you could be a hipster and listen to dance music, now you can’t. But I had such a good time dancing to that upbeat music instead of the regular r’n’r

Well boohoo. Who to blame, for making me move on to other genres to ‘stay ahead of the machine’? Paris Hilton. Well, at least she could be the latest scapegoat..



Ok ok. I think ths article is going too far with some statements, but thats wat you get out of an uneducated bias.

On a lighter note here is some elders reacting to Skrillex. (best part at 4:00)




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best of Playlist of 2011 : what will you play at your party?

And so the year of 2011 concludes.

ok kids, so I think i need to let you know that you have to let others pick ur music once in awhile. Especially if you are to preoccupied w/ setting up that new years kiss or jus plain old partying. So the coolest and easiest way to do so is just go to 8-tracks, then simply pick any mix that looks like the party is in the mood for, and hit play. 


love this website.

enjoy the celebrations!

happy new year to everyone, hope it brings exciting and forward-moving events in your lives!

truly yours, sq.face

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