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The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na – ILLectric EP

Happy Funky Friday y’all!

Homies Nick and Dunks have just delivered a new EP! With who else but the legendary rapper from the Jurrasic 5, Chali 2na. The production is heavy and funky and god damn can Chali 2na flow.

The pairing of west coast bass funk and the iconic rapper shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The boys productions have always been steeped in hip hop influence and 2na slips into the genre like a fish into water.

Get ready to Funk the Halls this December when they do back to back shows at The Commodore Ballroom.


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The Cocktail Hour ft. Kaytranada

Kaytranada has just released his first full length LP! I’ve really enjoyed watching Kay rise from the muddy waters of Soundcloud to become one of Canada’s bright northern lights.

99.9% is full of the dancey hip hop beats you love him for and spread over a nice mix of warm, melodic funk.

There is a slough of talented collaborators like BADBADNOTGOOD, AlunaGeorge, and Little Dragon but Kaytranada also shines on his own. My favorite track is Lite Spots and its the bouncy and funkiest.

Check out the album here

The Cocktail Hour ft. noimskittles

We’re throwing a throwback electro party!

Its gonna be crunchy and heavy synths with a face full of strobe lights just like you vaugely remember from 2008. If you ever woke up in the morning sore all over from thrashing around a mosh pit to the likes of Justice or MSTRKRFT or The Bloody Beetroots then this party is for you.

We’re reliving the glory days when punks learned how to produce dance beats and electro began fermenting in the blogosphere. Remixes were king. Crookers did hip hop; A-trak was remixing indie dance; Treasure Fingers gave disco some grit; DFA1979 became MSTRKRFT. Then the French took things to a new level with Justice, SebastiAn, and even Thomas Bangalter changing the game. We were thirsty for monsterous beats but we kept it groovy at 128BPM.

One of our DJs did a sample mix of a bit of whats to come tomorrow. Get excited!

The Cocktail Hour ft. Father Funk

Happy New year funkateers!

Our Father, who lays down funk. Wobbly is thy bass. Thy set time will come. Bangers will be spun in thy fields, clubs, and heaven. Give us this night of funky breaks. And forgive us of jives, as we forgive those who jive against us. Lead us no into temptation, and deliver us from EDM. For your is the rhythm, wobble, and the funk. Forever and ever.

Ahmen breaks.

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Starting as 2 childhood friend making beats in their bedrooms and since expanding to a full seven-plus-piece band, Jungle is ready to immerse the audience in their rhythmic funk that promises to get everybody moving. There’s just something so instantly danceable about these loping grooves that you can’t help but lose yourself to.

And we’re including videos in this post because obviously.

It’s fairly apparent from their collection of music videos that Jungle wants you to do one thing: DANCE!

Slotted into one of the opening act on Sasquatch’s main stage, what better way to kick off day 1 than the funk infused dance party Jungle is sure to evoke and keep us bustling through the rest of the day.


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The Cocktail Hour ft Moon Boots

For the record, the Moon Boots – Backyard Boogie mix is one of my favorite summer jams of all time. And today I ate lunch on a patio for the first time in 5 months so I think its worth getting a little bit more summertime up in here.

This is Moon Boots – Reboot mix. Its a dose of his recent favorites, along with some classics, vinyl rips, and a surprise or two. The boogie is real.

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