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Gogol Bordello! Now this is another festival favorite that came out of left field. Couple years at Squamish fest we saw this band play and all I knew of them was this Bassnectar dubstep remix of Immedgraniada. I was super into Bassnectar back then and I liked the song but I was NOT prepared for what was about to happen at that stage.

This gypsy punk band proceeded to throw down one of the rowdiest sets I’ve ever seen. Harder than Bassnectar himself if you could imagine. I’ve never moshed like I moshed that day. It was madness and I cant wait to see them again and wear some purple.

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new music video from FirewoodPoetry – Mediastinum

Hey there internets!

We’ve got to meet an up-and-coming local producer FirewoodPoetry in the last couple of months and are really excited to see her grow and work hard at getting out there. In january, after listening to The Scientist EP I thought what a cool project it would be if we shot a music video for one of the tracks. After a few nights of brainstorming we narrowed it down to one track, and pumped out his beauty in a month and a half! I hope you enjoy!

Make sure to also check out her latest remix of Fear by Raavn, where she adds a great vocal to slick minimal house track.


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Alex in Van

alex_metric_pic alexmetric

Recovering from his voyage on Holy Ship Alex Mertic (Alex Drury) is a British musical magician and he is coming to Vancouver. This is why you should care.

He is riding high on the success of several new releases, most notable is his collaboration with Oliver:

A hugely popular single “Heart Weighs a Ton” has a fresh remix by Galantis.

You must not forget to check out the Ammunition series that will include Part 4 soon. A highlight from part 2 includes another Oliver duel effort:

And the crazy remix by UZ of the anthem Rave Weapon:

Part 3 includes a Mark Yardley happy-go-lucky collaboration:


The man himself filled his ears with a mix of indie guitar bands but took hold of Fatboy Slim and late 90’s French house, especially Daft Punk. Seeing him live is definitely unique. He says that he never truly has a concrete plan, but just an idea of what works best at a little club or vast festival. “In a club you have the ability to be take people on a bit more of a journey while at a festival nine times out of ten people want it to be more immediate” (source). That’s not to say that it always turns out that way. Alex Metric is focused on reacting to the crowd and not a playlist.

What’s his number one favorite artist to work with? The legendary Jacques Lu Cont, real name Stuart Price (source). The epic, epic track of Safe With You is proof:

Alex Metric in Vancouver on a Friday Night. My body is ready.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Option4

Tonight we’re bringing things back to East Vans best kept secret: The Waldorf Hotel. We’ve had some ups and downs recently Waldorf but I’m more than glad to see you getting back to your old self with tonight’s fine, fine, artists.

It’s a White Noise party motherfuckers. You know how we do. We got the usual suspects PatLok and WMNstudies but also as usual we’ve got some amazing imports and also a very special local addition to the bill. Keeping things fresh on the 45s is East Van’s own, Dunks from The Funk Hunters!

Expect the full funk attack this Friday but I’ve featured those boys plenty on the BBQ so lets talk about Option4! Hailing from Denver, Option4 is hot off a couple of wicked remixes. Like this Sammy Bananas remix (we had Sammy this summer at the Owl!)

Option4 is a dancy tech-house DJ but what I like the most about these Denver dudes is this natural gangsterness to their live mixes. Option4 and other Colorado artists like Pretty Lights and Big Gigantic seem to have this hip hop influence which makes their shows hit a bit harder. Maybe I’m just a sucker for Pharoahe Monche and Snoop samples but I’m really looking forward to him ripping up the basement of the Waldorf.

Here’s your Cocktail Hour! From Option4, in all his rap sampling glory. See you kids tonight.




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Ta-ku – Higher (Flume Remix)

Sometimes I scroll deep into my favorites list on Soundcloud and realize there’s really a lot I haven’t shared with you guys. Then I feel I’ve done you and the artist an injustice!

I’m here to fix that now. Check out this chill-step from our boy Flume.


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WHITE NOISE ft. VICEROY @ Electric Owl


Its that time of the month guys, you know the one. Its the one we all look forward too, not that other time of the month… gross.

Its WHITE NOISE @ The Electric Owl this Friday!

Basically my favorite monthly event in Vancouver, local homies Pat Lok and WMNSTUDIES have been consistently bringing the DJs with the best Nu Disco, Indi-Dance, and every other kind of feel good house music. This month we have the Sultan of Summer himself, VICEROY.

Mr. Summer Time All The Time is no stranger to the BBQ. Regularly headlining our Cocktail Hour with mix after mix of glorious tropi-cool disco house, hes been on my ‘need to see’ list for some time.The  White Noise boys have come through once again so come get loose with me at the Owl this Friday!



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