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Sassy Preview: Chet Faker

I’ve been a huge Chet Faker fanboy since the first time I saw him at Sasquatch. I’m a Sasquatch fanboy in general but guess what.. Chet is playing Sasquatch again! Not surprisingly hes on a bigger stage and the hype train is rolling out of the station folks so all aboard.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Fout Tet

Four Tet is one of those producers who I know is popular and talented but I never got exposed to him cuz he’s kinda weird and definitely not mainstream. Well not only have I come to realize that I’m missing out of some weirdly awesome music but this guy is playing at Sasquatch. If there’s a place for me to find a groove into a genre I wouldn’t normally slide into, it’s at a music festival. It’s what happened to me with Tycho and I cant stop listening to that guy.

Four Tet, I think I haven’t given you the chance to let me fall in love with you but I’m gonna tap into my younger me’s impressionable mind and see if we can make something click here. My guess is yes.



Some Flume

I love Flume. Been a while since I’ve posted his stuff and I’ve got a few tracks I’d like to share!

His two latest uploads to Soundcloud are a couple beauties. Some Minds features Andrew Wyatt from Miike Snow (yes that one) and is quite the slow burner. It of course pays itself off with some big drums and crisp bleeps and bloops. <– Descriptive, I know.

Collarbones on the other hand is a monster from immaculate conception. 30 seconds in and your chest is already filled with bass and somehow he continues crash bigger and bigger basslines throughout the song. Topped off with the explosiveness of what could only be described as fireworks. This song is reason enough to see flume on a big stage outside.

Lastly is a remix I’ve been sitting on for a while. I have a much larger appreciation for Yolanda Be Cool after Burning Man, much beyond that Americano song. This song has a massive emotional build and Flume does a masterful job in bringing the whole thing to a monstrously powerful climax. In Flume fashion, please listen to these tracks loud. Close your eyes and let the drums wash over you.

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Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better [VIDEO]

Simple put, this video is just as weird as you expected it to be. And you’ll love it just as much as you’d expect as well. Tame Impala has my vote for album of the year. Drift away into the weird.


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Kendrick Lamar is a generational talent. While I only consider myself partially familiar with his work (its not my go-to genre) I like to think I can recognize an artist with staying power. I first saw Kendrick at Coachella in 2012 as when he was brought up on stage by Snoop and Dre to be recognized as a huge up and comer. That was right before Good Kid, MAAD city dropped and took the world by storm.

Now hot off his latest album ‘To Pimp a Butterfly,’ Kendrick is headlining a stage that has seen the likes of Kanye, Kudi, and Public Enemy. Stick around and watch King Kendrick receive the Sasquatch Crown as he closes down the main stage on Monday night.


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Starting as 2 childhood friend making beats in their bedrooms and since expanding to a full seven-plus-piece band, Jungle is ready to immerse the audience in their rhythmic funk that promises to get everybody moving. There’s just something so instantly danceable about these loping grooves that you can’t help but lose yourself to.

And we’re including videos in this post because obviously.

It’s fairly apparent from their collection of music videos that Jungle wants you to do one thing: DANCE!

Slotted into one of the opening act on Sasquatch’s main stage, what better way to kick off day 1 than the funk infused dance party Jungle is sure to evoke and keep us bustling through the rest of the day.


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