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Alex in Van

alex_metric_pic alexmetric

Recovering from his voyage on Holy Ship Alex Mertic (Alex Drury) is a British musical magician and he is coming to Vancouver. This is why you should care.

He is riding high on the success of several new releases, most notable is his collaboration with Oliver:

A hugely popular single “Heart Weighs a Ton” has a fresh remix by Galantis.

You must not forget to check out the Ammunition series that will include Part 4 soon. A highlight from part 2 includes another Oliver duel effort:


And the crazy remix by UZ of the anthem Rave Weapon:


Part 3 includes a Mark Yardley happy-go-lucky collaboration:


The man himself filled his ears with a mix of indie guitar bands but took hold of Fatboy Slim and late 90’s French house, especially Daft Punk. Seeing him live is definitely unique. He says that he never truly has a concrete plan, but just an idea of what works best at a little club or vast festival. “In a club you have the ability to be take people on a bit more of a journey while at a festival nine times out of ten people want it to be more immediate” (source). That’s not to say that it always turns out that way. Alex Metric is focused on reacting to the crowd and not a playlist.

What’s his number one favorite artist to work with? The legendary Jacques Lu Cont, real name Stuart Price (source). The epic, epic track of Safe With You is proof:

Alex Metric in Vancouver on a Friday Night. My body is ready.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Alex Metric

zmetricI saw Alex mix for 2 hours at Celebrities this Wednesday and I was blown away. I have to say, hes one of the best mixers out there. He was running 4 CDJs and not a laptop in sight. No pre-made sets for this guy. The song selection was superb and I even got to shake his hand at the end of the night. I had a blast.

Check out this Essential Mix from 2011, it still holds up. All the music he plays seems to be timeless and dancey.

Enjoy and Happy Friday




You Can’t Measure Metric’s Madness

The British seem to have an unending stream of highly skilled DJs and Alex Metric is no different. Having remixed the likes of Gorillaz, La Roux, and Phoenix only adds to the his impressive input in production with The Infadels, Scissor Sisters and Snow Patrol. Hell, his music was even used as an intro in Forza 4.  A must listen is the remix album Open Your Eyes. The title track contains a partnership with Steve Angleo from the Swedish House Mafia.

I can’t recommend the remix album enough. You must tape down the loudness buttons for the re-edit of Beastie Boys‘s “Sabotage.”

In addition “Mother Protect,” and “Lisztomania”  have a special place in my musical device. I may have made a fool of myself when blasting Salt Skin. In error I thought that the vocal loop said “Thursdays” at 2.24. Yet I still like to scream that day of the week while dancing to this track because you can’t get excited about Thursdays all too often.

Alex Drury is not only a tall British bloke but also a giving one at that. His most resent Ammunition EP is a free download. “Rave Weapon” is a necessary bullet in any electronic magazine.

“Raveageddon” is another track that showcases Alex’s love of fat fuzzy synths. I love the quiet amen break drum loop used in the build.

In his mind an essential studio element is bad 80’s records and he is proud of it. Being solo is a comfortable fit for him as well. Alex started out singing in a band and today some of his track sample his own voice. However, he was tense with the production process of being a part of a group since he was “always at the will of other.” Check out Chika Aoki at Ukadapta for an interview and the story about the origin of his name. If you want to go deeper DJmag and Endclub have more Q & A in which Alex shares with us his favorite drink “Energon.”

Get an empty litre bottle and fill it with:

1/3 cheap vodka

1/3 Blue WKD

1/3 Red Bull

If you want to full up your drinks with live Alex Metric concentrated beats you’ll have to get your fix in London during July and the following month he’ll be in L.A. for HARD Summer.



Secret Weapon : Alex Metric remix

This track blew up the dance floor this past Halloween, people kept asking me what that track is. As soon as that slappy-da-bass comes in, peoples hips can’t stop moving.


hips don’t lie.

truly yours, sq.face


Style Of Eye remixes : Open Your Eyes, Save The World, Animal + Antidote

So since we are on the topic of swedes remixes other swedes as if pulling their nation up to the top of the int’l stage, I thought you might like this dub remix by an interestingly-named swede that (as you might’ve guessed by the title) is Style Of Eye. This is probably my favourite work of Linus Eklow. The other tracks are a little to brash in the high section (if that makes sense)… Continue reading

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