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The Cocktail Hour ft. Tycho

This Cocktail Hour will always be a memorable one. The hour was 5am. Some people went to bed and got up early for this one and some people stayed up real late. For me, trying to catch my first playa sunrise, it only seemed appropriate to go the distance.

I’ve learned there is a special kind of second wind when it comes to staying up very very late and its called the sunrise on the playa. We’ve all partied to the point of the sun coming up and its usually the signal to go to bed but when your on the playa is different. It’s cause for celebration. Its easily the most breathtaking sights I’ve ever witnessed. Imagine it. A thousand people hopped in their bikes to chase a literal Dusty Rhino towards the horizon. On top of that massive rhino is Tycho.

The ambient music is pounding out of this rhino but your not looking that direction, you’re facing east. At Burning Man theres no LED screen lined DJ booth demanding you attention. You’re not even sure if this is where you’re supposed to be but the secret is you’re always where you’re supposed to be. You’re surrounded by your fur clad family. A little delirious from not sleeping but it adds to the moment. You might be dreaming.

The sun rises and you just start walking towards it. People spill over the trash fence and it seems like you could walk forever. When the BLM streaks across the desert in their SUV and tells everyone to get back over the fence you just try and take it in while you can. I couldn’t take a picture that would do that moment justice so I didn’t try. Its something to be experienced. Just before you go someone starts a group hug and hundreds of revelers embrace in the warming sunshine skimming across the playa. Its then that you finally feel home.

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the weekend wind down ft. firewoodpoetry


Well it’s superbowl sunday for some, but for others it’s that day of the week where you just want to listen to some slow and chiller beats after a weekend of dancing your neck out.

Here is a little treat from a local artist FirewoodPoetry. Representing the pacific north-west, splitting her time between Saltspring Island and Vancouver, Trinity Forbes seems to have gained some momentum and is working hard on a new release to kickstart this year. Keep her on your radar for the next release (because after the sneak peak I got a few days ago) I can hardly wait to get my ears on it and hopefully catch her live show in the near future.

Make sure the sub is plugged in, light up the hooka, layback on the couch and enjoy this menacing, dark and steady EP. Here is The Scientist by FirewoodPoetry




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the weekend wind down ft. Burial & Massive Attack

This is a limited 12″ release from Massive Attack and Burial that came out about a year ago. The chillest, distant high-hat sound of Burial fused with the beauty and eloquence of the vocals makes this record, the best contender for our weekly sunday chill sessions…

Massive Attack & Burial : ‘Four Walls’


On the same record Burial did a remix of Paradise Circus (which as I mentioned before is the best dubstep track of all time in my books–the Zeds Dead mix). Get lost in the sound of Hope Sandoval’s voice. Here is Paradise Circus : Massive Attack (Burial Remix)


Easy sunday, kids.


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the weekend-warrior wind down : ft. The Weeknd


Alright, for the weekend warriors out there we present our weekly Sunday weekend wind down.

This weekend wind down features a candian R&B artist that has embraced electronic music and has definetely manipulated the tools to create his own vision. I reall love this artist, and have all 3 of his albums on my iPod. Layback, chug a few glasses of water, and enjoy my favourite: Weeknd – Glass Table Girls. Make sure to venture through both parts of the song.


topped off w/ a nice remix that attempts to bring the Weeknd vibe to the club.


happy napping.

truly yours, sq.face

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