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Chat Faker – Gold

This song is sex.

On an unrelated note: I think I’ve been doing sex wrong.

Flume re-work on top of that? Stop. Please. I need 10 minutes and some orange juice.


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The Cocktail Hour ft. Slynk

Ladies and gentlemen! Its that time of the week again. Time to grab a refreshing beverage and get your funk on!


This week the groovy basslines are coming hot off the turn tables of DJ Slynk of Australia. This guy is no stranger to Canada  though, he built quite the reputation for himself at our best kept secret festival, Shambhala. Enjoy this hour of ghetto-funk recorded during his surprise set at The Fractal Forest last year.


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The Cocktail Hour ft. Tommy Trash

Its Friday and my office must be in a black hole because time has stopped.

So fuck it.. Cubical dance party with my boy Tommy.

Lets geeet Traaaaasshed


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Tommy Trash – Radio 1 Dance Anthems

Lets kick off the workweek with a bang, yeah? Here’s some massive big room progressive house tracks from our favorite Aussie, Tommy Trash.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. J-TRICK

Im torn.. there’s a few good heavy electro mixes out this week. You know what? im gonna give you all of them because fuck it, when was too much electro a bad thing? Vancouver homies Felix Cartal and Lazy Rich both came out with their bi monthly and monthly podcasts respectively and I dont even need to hype how much these dudes deliver.

[* favorite song of the week is hiding in here. Its called Totally Worth It by Hot Mouth]

This week who I really want to feature is a dj producer from Sydney named J-Trick. I stumbled upon his track Im So Hot a while ago and was instantly sucked into his trashy flavored electro. The afrojack-esque highs got me out of my seat and the trashy aussie electro bassline bring be grinding back down to the floor. Or in my case, head bangin and groovin around in my cubical.

J-TRICK errybuddy!

Vancouver is melting right now.. cool down with this cocktail after the jump Continue reading

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J-Trick & Reece Low – I’m So Hot (Original Mix)

I found this gem in a particularly raunchy mix done by U.S. DJ Revolvr. This is probably my favorite way to find new tunes. When a song grabs your attention out of an hour long mix you know youve got a keeper.

This particular banger had me rewinding the mix a number of times before hunting to find out what it was. Good Guy Revolvr had a tracklisting in the description and it led me straight to these aussies, J-Trick & Reece Low, and my song of the day, I’m so hot.

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