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FWWEEEEEE! Hey, you heard the whistle! Put on your headband and tighten them shoes, it is time for gym class! Ok, now your regular gym teacher, Mr. Buchanan, couldn’t be here today. Instead we’ll be having Keith Robertson and David Henderson as substitutes. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “two party monsters from Toronto? What do they know about personal fitness?”

Have you ever jumped so much at a kitchen rave that your shins stung? Have you ever worked out your shoulders because you just couldn’t keep your hands down at a show? Felix Cartal is a supporter of this Canadian method of fitness. Here is a collaboration with a Keys N Krates modification.

FWWEEEEEE! OK! Class is over, hit the showers. If you didn’t have enough you can even take a free remix so you can train at home. Don’t forget to stretch.


Dimmak party in town: they be bringing the big guns!

The most epic, energized, uplifting, exciting, invigorating and mind-blasting shows I’ve ever been to has been the Church of Noise Tour by the infamous Bloody Beetroots (aka Death Crew 77). Full stop. You can try and sa… UH-AH! Full stop.

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AutoErotique turns it UP

Its a very rare show that an opener has the firepower to wear out a crowd of rowdy beat-fiends before the main act. Amazingly, this duo from Toronto could make it happen or at least make Aoki and Rifo work extra hard!

I found this track in the middle of a Beetroots live set. Its a steady driving beat with a huge build that’s worth waiting for the crunchy drop. This song on my ipod gets me over the bridge on my bike every morning on the way to work.

Im also a huge sucker for slow-mo vids synced with massive drops. This video for Turn Up The Volume comes through huge in every way


Vancouver’s own Felix Cartal – new EP + concert

Felix Cartal has a new EP released on DIMAK today. It was produced in collaboration with Keatch from the Netherlands and if Cartals previous collab with Keatch – Solar/Lunar – and teasers below give any indication of how legitimate these tracks will be..  they are sure to be epic.

This release comes just in time for the perfect storm coming to Vancouver on Thursday. Brought to you by the big guns at DIMMAK, the PNE Colosseum will be host to one of the biggest EDM concerts this city has ever seen. We will be counting down and previewing the likes of Felix, Autoerotique, Steve Aoki, and The Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77  in preparation for this all out-punkrock-electro brawl.

Ill leave you with a teaser from the opening of Cartals set at EDC 2010.

Just to put in perspective how big this show is.. Felix is only an opener. Bring it

-sq.fc. + casba

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