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Benny Benassi & Public Enemy – Bring The Noise (Pump-kin Remix)

Throwing it baaaaaack! This song was THE first electro songs that I was obsessed with. OBSESSED.

Good old Benassi. Legend.

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throwback thursdays ft. Zdarlight : Digitalism

Remember this?

Following in the footsteps of Benny Benassi, and eventually releasing this track on his Cooking for Pump-kin label, Digitalism is the indie king of blurb. Blurby synth was the signature tech sound of Digitalism’s entry to the scene.





Here is Zdarlight : Digitalism


The track just recently got a refresher remix by Fedde Le Grande + Deniz Koyu


along with Zdarlight the producer duo had released other singles, most notably the nearly-record-title-track: Idealistic


the hot, hot mid 00’s.. hehe


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throwback thursdays : ft. Freeform Five : No More Conversations (Mylo Remix)

Alright , alright,  alright.. it’s time to throwback your electroheads to the beginnings of that blurby (aka fuzzy, square, bubbly, scratching) synth sound that has shaped the raunch of electro today. We do know that Benny Benassi was almost single-handedly responsible for a lot of that sound’s development (but that’s another post, amigos). If you are a true “edm” fan, you gottta remember this track. It was the heaven of the blurby bass surrounding you as you stood at the speaker letting it tickle you silly. That (as I call it) “blurby synth” really made this music get under my skin.

Exhibit A:

Freeform Five : No More Conversations (Mylo Remix)


and of course the Original Mix of No More Conversations


Of course if you don’t have this track, you better make sure to find yourself a copy. It’s a classic.

Throwback Thursdays, mang!


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old too soon : Benny Benassi : illusion

Alright, children for some of you this will be an emotional flashback, for some an educational eye-opener.

Classic, baby.


another, classic.


too many to list.

remember Phobia, Pumphonia, Hypnotica?

benassi is king.

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the best of benassi’s new cd [Electroman] : Good Girl – Benny Benassi

Good Girl - Benny Benassi

So i found his new collaboration CD “Electroman” quite weak as he simply put on some simple ‘benassi’ backbeats to some hip-hop artists’ lyrics. I’ve yet to find an instrumental version of the CD, hopefully that will be out soon because I did hear some promising sounds in behind the likes of T-Pain and Chris Brown. Benny did though put one track that reminds us that he still knows what he can do with his dirty, techy  yet flowy synths. My favourite track is Good Girl– the 1st track on this album. This one gives me hope..

Benny Benassi – Good Girl


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