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The Bloody Beetroots: HIDE

Here it is kids! YOU WANNA DANCE? Like seriously, you may have been thrown off with the featured artists like Peter Frampton and Sir Paul McCartney but I promise you this album is packed with bangers front to back. Viva la Rifo.

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The Bloody Beetroots: HIDE – Art and Artists




For me this is the most anticipated album since Random Access Memories. Which I know wasn’t that long ago but c’mon.  We’ve been craving a Beetroots album since 2009s Romborama. Not to say we have been teased with amazing singles like Church of Noise  and Spank and most recently a collab with Sir Paul fucking McCartney. But lets get serious. Bob has been a busy man. Between doing a year long DJ tour with Tommy Tea and developing an entirely new live show, the guy has been assembling some of the most amazing cross-generational talent for a massive album. Check out this track listing.

1. Spank feat. Tai & Bart B More
2. Raw feat. Tommy Lee
3. Runaway feat. Greta Svabo Bech
4. Chronicles Of A Fallen Love feat. Greta Svabo Bech
5. The Furious feat. Penny Rimbaud
6. Out Of Sight feat. Paul McCartney & Youth
7. Albion with Junior
8. Reactivated
9. All The Girls (Around The World) feat. Theophilus London
10. Please Baby feat. P-Thugg of Chromeo
11. Glow In The Dark feat. Sam Sparro
12. The Source (Chaos & Confusion)
13. The Beat feat. Peter Frampton
14. Rocksteady (The Bloody Beetroots vs. Gigi Barocco)
15. Volevo Un Gatto Nero (You Promised Me) feat. Gigi Barocco

Paul McCartney and Peter Frampton, are you for real! And my dude, P-Thugg, I love you. This album is going to be amazing.







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The Bloody Beetroots feat Tai & Bart B More – Spank (Official Video)

Incredible video produced by the choreographer from Footloose!



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The Bloody Beetroots – S P A N K feat. TAI & Bart B More

Pretty much the only thing that gives me a bigger music boner than Daft Punk: NEW BEETROOTS


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Bloody Beetroots DJ set (CoG Preview)

I am pretty guilty of throwing the word favorite around too much.. I really can’t help it. I love so much. I’ll be honest though, 4 or 5 times a night a song might come on and in that perfect moment I wont be lying when I say ermahgurd my furvurit SERNG! But let’s make one thing clear: If were talking artists to artists and I say anyone other than Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo and his Bloody Beetroots is my favorite, im fucking lying.

Weve written about these guys once or twice or thrice before.. Who are we kidding, they are our most blogged artists by a long shot.

They have the most raw and energetic live performances youve ever seen. That is really the only way to fully experience their musical and cultural movement because thats what the Church of Noise is. You can consider me a devote follower. Now lets listen to some neck breaking punk electro.

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Sweet rollerblading jesus its a new Bloody Beetroots single!

Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo returns this summer with a pumping new track suitably titled “Rocksteady”. This rocklectro grinder is the smash follow-up to his massive club record “Church Of Noise” which featured Sweden’s master of punk rock and The (International) Noise Conspiracy’s Dennis Lyxzén.

‘Rocksteady’ embraces the garage-punk sound that the Bloody Beetroots Projects is so famously known for – rock infused exploding beats and vigorously energetic electro house. Keeping in theme, the suitably rock ‘n’ roll video, directed by Wyatt Neumann, makes its debut June 28, just two days after the single is released. Sir Bob talks about his experience on set “You know what, my brain does not collect recent data but last week I was in Death Valley and it was mad fun! Girls, Shotguns, 70’s muscle cars, Dust…Nice!”

If you want to hear the single live, DJ/Producer Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo has teamed up with his Italian partner in crime, Tommy Tea from the FXs, for another Bloody Beetroots DJ Set tour this summer. Don’t expect the same old show though, the masks are different, the sounds are changing and they have brand new hi-octane club banger ready to annihilate the dance floor.

I’m gonna catch my favorite masked Italians at Center of Gravity in Kelowna this august long weekend. I fully expect them to steal the show. Kelowna doesn’t know what its in for!

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