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Kaytranada Remixes

Just bringing you a little dose of whats to come this Friday. Pretty excited about this weeks Cocktail Hour but lets have a little warm up for our favorite  Haitian-Canadian.


These remixes are fire and they are free to download. FREE.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. KAYTRANADA

Hip Hop influenced house music is a lot like Hansel. That is to say.. so hot right now.

Kaytranada is where you can find the soul and rhythm bred from an RnB upbringing rolled into super fun dance beats. And fun is what I have to call it because the people in this boiler room are having it. Which is unfortunately too rare on some of the dance floors I know.

Enjoy the mix and some of my favorite productions of his!



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Arcade Fire – Reflektor Album

This. This right here. One of the most highly anticipated albums of 2013 is streaming on the youtubes! I just started listening and I had to post it right away so I’ll let you know in a bit how I like it! I think I’m going to like it!


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The XX : Shelter Che Andre Remix

Che Andre & The XX – “Hideaway”  a Shelter Remix


Here’s another for your ears:


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Throwback Thursdays: MSTRKRFT (2008)

Jesse F Keeler and studio wizard Al-P are MSTRKRFT . My favorite Canadian punk electro DJs. We’ve touched on how awesome they are before but today were debuting our new weekly staple! Its throwback thursdays and here is a mix that I credit with getting me hooked on EDM. This essential mix turned me on to Crookers, Justice and the like and opened my mind the the rest of the EDM world.

Of course, we didnt call it EDM back then haha. We were just the weird kids starting dance parties with foreign dance moves we picked up on youtube.

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The Cocktail Hour feat. Charlie Darker

Its that time of the week again! who’s getting weird? Tonight were going crunchy and heavy electro with a Dark and Stormy booze pairing to fuel those dance parties.

CHARLIE DARKER! You heard it here first, this homegrown kid is gonna make it big. Its not the first time we’ve written about him but he continues to impress me with singles and great mixes. He just dropped a new single, Drill which you can download for free if you clicked on the word Drill, but your smart, you already did that didnt you. no? is this your first time on the internet? yes? welcome! so glad you came to our blog! OK, one more chance, you wont regret it I promise!

click this—-> Charlie Darker-Drill <——click this

But its Friday and your having your peeps over for some pre drinkin. You dont have time to pick each song from your ipod, youve got some kitchen raving to do. I got you covered. Here his latest hour long Anger Management mix that you can just turn on and forget yourself for at least that long.

And the cocktail. Trust me I didnt forget. Its called a Dark and Stormy and its super easy to make.

2 oz. dark rum
2 oz. ginger beer
1/2 oz lime juice.



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