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Sassy Preview: Chet Faker

I’ve been a huge Chet Faker fanboy since the first time I saw him at Sasquatch. I’m a Sasquatch fanboy in general but guess what.. Chet is playing Sasquatch again! Not surprisingly hes on a bigger stage and the hype train is rolling out of the station folks so all aboard.

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Marcus Marr & Chet Faker – Birthday Card

Because I’m contractually obligated to post anything Chet Faker comes within 3 feet of. Lucky for you, once he got within 3 feet of this Marcus Marr beat he started singing. Enjoy.

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Chet Faker x WKND – Lover

Lets start this off by saying there is absolutely nothing I would change about the music Chet Faker makes. So obviously I wouldn’t be caught saying something silly like, ‘I wish it was a little dancier,’ or, ‘This could be a little more upbeat,’ because your music is perfect amount of dancy and sexy Chet, don’t change.


If you decided to collaborate with someone who traditionally leans a little more to the tropical side of things. You know, like WKND, for example. If that’s the case then you might end up with something as intoxicatingly dancy as it is pure sexy. And thats a scary combination.



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Chat Faker – Gold

This song is sex.

On an unrelated note: I think I’ve been doing sex wrong.

Flume re-work on top of that? Stop. Please. I need 10 minutes and some orange juice.


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