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dada life : The Rules Of Dada

Yup. The boys from Stokholm have now dropped their follow up to the Just Do The Dada album. The Rules of Dada comes with a set of rules they have now perfected and have outlined as their manifesto.



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Dada Life – Feed The Dada

The Dada monster needs to be fed. Feed it.


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in a life of : Skrillex, Ingrosso & Dada

I just wanted to share some videos I found pretty cool


Skrillex sings during 12th planets gig. I really like his voice in Father Said – Skrillex + 12th Planet


Swedish House Mafia surf the biggest festivals.. Whether together, in pairs or solo. I can relate to Sebastian Ingrosso, cuz I am always the sweatiest one on the dance floor and in the building.


And last but not least, the soon to be in Vancouver and expected to leave a mark: Dada Life. The energy this duo transcends is ridiculous! The song in the video is MVSEVM – French Jeans (Dada Life Remix)



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Unleash the FUCKING DADA @ Fortune Sound Club

This Thursday Dada Life  is stopping by for the first time this year to bring us the freshest swedish grilled meats. I have never been so excited to see a show when I work the next morning. I’m not even going to drink (a lot) but I’m definitely going to be high off my favorite drug. EDM. for those of you not familiar with its street name, thats Electronic Dance Music and its scary addicting.

I love these crazy men. The swedish house monsters Stefan and Olle have more stage energy than me as a child shotgunning tubes of pixie stixs. The energy isnt just limited to their live sets either, it comes through in their music and it can get me fired up at any time off the day. They are going to grill up the fattest sausages on thursday and serve them to the crowd with a side of champagne, bananas, unfiltered awesomeness, and of course – cow bell

Ive been eagerly awaiting this show because ive been harrassing my BBQ bretheren to join me in this greasy dance party and I expect to see lots of smiley faces out there

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