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Disclosure – Hour Glass ft. LION BABE

Disclosure has a new album dropping tomorrow! We’ve been eagerly awaiting Caracal almost immediately after their breakout album Settle blasted these kids from the UK to the global dance charts.

We’ve had the pleasure of hearing a couple singles so far. Taking a look at the tracklisting with the likes of Sam Smith and other huge featuring artists, Caracal could be set to redefine dance music once again.

Check out these singles featuring LION BABE and who else? Lorde.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Tchami

I had a mix all picked out this week but decided to pocket it for a later date because it didn’t quite line up with the mood I’m in today. Today calls for a bit of extra punch in the mix. Something real high energy. Something that’s gonna carry you right through that sugar crash from all the holiday chocolate. Something.. Something like TCHAMI!


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The Cocktail Hour ft. SABOTA


The name “Sabota” comes from the infamous area in Nelson BC, where kids congregate late at night to smoke weed, hook up and watch the sun come up. Both Max Ulis and Robbie Slade have (if somewhat indirect) roots in the area, making it a fitting concept for their collaboration. Their sound is inspired by what happened on Sabota Road, and on similar streets in similar places, in the hour just before sunrise.

SABOTA is live deep house. brimming with analogue warmth. Showcasing the difference between an 808 in your headphones and an 808 in the club. We’ve featured SABOTA in a Cocktail Hour once before and I’m happy to introduce this mix that started it all over year ago. It doesn’t feature as many of their originals but they’ve been hard at work this year and I’m gonna embed some bonus tunes for you guys on this one.

Come check out Robbie and Max at the Electric Owl tonight!





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Why has it taken me an entire year to find this song??

It’s infectious as it’s groove is undeniable.

Put it on repeat. Yes, let’s Jack.



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Kusch – Call Your Name

Check out this uplifting new deep house single from my Edmontonian friend KUSCH.

And for a bonus, check out these swampy funky tunes in his 30 minutes Night Bass  mix.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Jonas Rathsman

The title says kids, Music to… Embrace.

Make this a Friday with a happy ending.

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