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Dillon Francis – Without You Feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Too tired to put any thoughtful words behind this post. T’was a very long weekend.

I like this song a lot so I hope you will too.

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Dillon Francis: New singles and a show!

Dillon Francis figured out the key to the internet: Cats and tacos. His rise in popularity has everything to do with this and his DJ awareness campaign alone and nothing to do with his music production abilities or DJ skills whatsoever.

Here is a couple remixes he did recently:

Clearly piggy backing off the more talented Passion Pit and Justin Timberlake, am I right?

Im going to his show on friday for the tacos and kittens he promises on twitter. I probably wont have any fun.


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Madeon – Finale (Dillon Francis Remix)

The young frenchman gets his smash hit Finale remixed by the young American. In true nu jump up fashion, listen as Madeons light hearted melodic pop gets turned on its head by Dillons crunchy monster basslines

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Dillon Francis

Ok kids, listen up. Summer is here and weve got some catching up to do! Im not sure which of these mixes im more excited about but the instructions are the same. Consume both in the sun and with a ton of friends.


Dillon Francis was Diplos recent guest on his BBC radio spot and he brings us a special 2 hour summer jamz mix

The booze pairing

Large Pina Colliders
Were gonna smash these alcohols together until we find another another dimension of delicious. We make science jokes, bitches.

1-26 of Malibu Rum
1-26 of Vodka
1-Large tin of pineapple juice
1-canister of concentrate 5ALIVE
1-splash of water (5alive canisters worth)

Mix in a big freezable bowl and pop that ish in the freezer. It wont freeze solid, just slushy. Take it out and add some sprite or 7up until desired potency.

Have a great weekend!


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Dillon Francis : in collaborations


Looks like Dillon Francis has been a busy moomba-man.

Dill the Noise : Dillon Francis & Kill The Noise



Money Makin : Dillon Francis & A-Trak

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