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Diplo Bootlegs!

Congrats on the millionth follow Mr. Diplo! You and Mad Decent have always been and are one of the biggest influence on modern dance music. Keep pushing boundaries and continue to take it to the next level.

and thanks for the free downloads!

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Diplo 2013 Mix

Happy Friday BBQrew!

This weeks mix is a special time capsule edition of the hottest tracks to bang their way out of 2013. Curated by good ol’ uncle Diplo, its weird to see him play the tracks that are literally, ‘so last year’ since he’s usually playing what will be cool in 6 months. Diplo is always on the forefront of the wave of fresh and it is interesting to look back at all the songs and styles he championed this year and see that well, yea, he kinda nailed it.

Major Lazer did maybe my favorite festival set of the year. In the Top 3 sets overall for sure. I love everything he does. Can’t wait for 2014!


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The Cocktail Hour ft. A Tribe Called Red

Happy Friday! This weeks cocktail hour comes from Canada’s very own A Tribe Called Red who have been featured on the Diplo and Friends podcast. I saw these guys throw it down in the wood shed at Squamish Fest and it was like nothing I’ve ever seen.

ATCR provides an eclectic sound made up of a variety of musical styles ranging from Hip-Hop, Dance Hall, Electronic, and their own mash-up of club and Pow Wow music, known as Pow Wow Step. Their music showcases Aboriginal DJ talent and Native urban culture. The style is refreshing and aims at creating a space for Aboriginal people in dance music.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Felix Cartal

My ace, my man, Felix Cartal keeps mixes coming every week. I honestly cant keep up with his Weekend Workouts (does that say something about my physical condition? ya probably.. fuck you for making me feel self conscious about my body, Felix!)


This is no Weekend Workout. This time Felix has been featured on Radio 1’s Diplo and Friends! and its different! I know everyone likes different. Hipsters, the lot of you.

This mix is dope though. Look for lots of unreleased edits and some throwbacks. Somehow Britney Spears-Toxic is in there between Hey Jude and A Charlie Brown Christmas sample. I told you its different. But it works and I’m digging it so enjoy!

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Skrillex

Havent had ol’ Skrilli on the blog in a while! The most iconic haircut and glasses combo in dance music has come a very long way since his inaugural BBC essential mix in 2011. He had an undeniable impact when he broke onto the scene and this mix is packed full of new music that will, without a doubt, leave its mark on the summer of 2013.

We’ve got loads of new stuff from Skrillex himself as well as new Dog Blood productions and lots of the OWSLA crew. Fresh of the announcement of the new super group Jack U (Diplo+Skrillex) this mix might be a hint of the flavor to come from two of the heaviest hitters in the game. It is definitely more diverse than people probably have come to expect from Skrillex so check out the full two hours!

Happy Friday!


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Flux Pavilion – Jah No Partial (with Major Lazer)

I went to the Major Lazer concert on Monday. Its a good thing I did too because at the time I didn’t even know that I needed a reminder on how to party. Diplo and friends know how to party. DAMN, they throw a good party! Definitely one of the wildest nights I’ve had in a while. Ive seen Major Lazer a couple times before but always at big shows or festivals. Its always been great but if you take that festival sized energy and pack it into an intimate club.. amazing!

Bonus clip from the show. Skerrit Bwoy retired so they have been pulling a random from the crowd for the daggering portion of the show haha

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