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Dirty South & Alesso : City Of Dreams + Years

My man Dirty South! Teams up with Alesso! Creates this progressive uplifter! Dragan (who is basically swedish) works together with a swede… What do you expect the outcome to be? A swedish beauty!

Here is Dirty South & Alesso : City Of Dreams

and the Full version.


also check out Alesso’s Years


paz, sq.face

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Dirty South : Walking Alone

Heard this baby last night, Mr. John Dahlback dropped this along w/ an Awesome house set.

Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects : Walking Alone



long live dirty dragan south.



ps. Here is the full SHM radio-1 takeover.

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Miike Snow : Happy to You : new album + singles + movie

So Miike Snow have finalized the date of the new album and it hits the streets the week of March 26th. Happy to You is going to be another injection of quality music into the scene. Miike Snow’s got the ability to work with electronic instruments in the non-club-banger application, staying true to their style or genre, whatever that might be. For me this is the happiest midpoint between indie music and edm. Hopefully they will add Vancouver to their tour, but so far that doesn’t look likely, although they are hitting Seattle on April 10th.


The singles just keep piling up! Remixes by Joey Youngman, Alex Metric, Dity South, Jacques Lu Cont… Continue reading

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Invisible : Dirty South’s Remix of Skylar Grey + Airsteala

Since I love Dirty Dragan Roganović South so much, I’m gonna have to update you on this latest remix of Skylar Grey.. Invisible.

This tune’s got that nice I’m driving in the summer with the top down kind of easy vibe to it.. See for yourselves, amigos. Continue reading

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Miike Snow : the new album + a remix of Sabali for ya!

Sabali (Miike Snow Remix)

So… Miike Snow

…yet another fraction of that swedish wave you might’ve read/heard me ranting about…

They are a 3-man band

Miike Snow = Christian Karlsson & Pontus Winnberg (Bloodshy & Avant) + Andrew Wyatt

2 producers (Svenska) + singer/writer (from the US of A). They have a friend named Mike Snow, decided to use his name for fun, but borrowing the spelling of Miike from a Japanese film-maker. The eclectic mix of ideas is resonated throughout their music & lyrics.

The outcome of this concoction is pure brilliance!

The purity of the soloist’s voice+the arpeggiating synths, carrying melodies is just pure success. Continue reading

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Dirty South’s Alive alongside Thomas Gold ft. Kate Elsworth

So Dragan has posted a teaser of his new track, and I’m excited like a little preschooler about this one. Every time Dirty South puts his hands to work he creates quality stuff, and my ears are never disappointed.

Here’s a teaser of Alive ft. Kate Elsworth – Dirty South & Thomas Gold



Most recent single Dragan put out prior to Alive is Coming Home ft. Skylar Grey. It’s a “remix” of Dirty Money’s track, although I would call it a reproduction of Skylar’s part of that song. This one reminds me of some of his old remixes like It’s Too Late by Evermore as well as the remix of In The Dark by Tiesto.

Long live Dirty South!

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