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Disclosure – Hour Glass ft. LION BABE

Disclosure has a new album dropping tomorrow! We’ve been eagerly awaiting Caracal almost immediately after their breakout album Settle blasted these kids from the UK to the global dance charts.

We’ve had the pleasure of hearing a couple singles so far. Taking a look at the tracklisting with the likes of Sam Smith and other huge featuring artists, Caracal could be set to redefine dance music once again.

Check out these singles featuring LION BABE and who else? Lorde.

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Disclosure – Apollo

A brisk new house track from the young UK lads. Apollo isn’t as colourful as the most of the tracks off their album, Settle, but I could see this doing well in a dark and foggy basement night club.


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Kartell – Minimum Move

Add Kartell to the list of always talented French DJs. His Soundcloud page is rife with french remixes and originals but this song in particular sounds like France’s answer to the new wave of deep house fans. While very Disclosure-ish, Minimum Move has a sassy rap vocalist that that will get your head nodding in no time.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. DISCLOSURE

Does everyone know that Disclosure plays a live set? Its amazing. They sing and play live guitar and somehow rolls everything into a big sweaty dance machine.

I was lucky enough to catch them twice this summer in some jam packed dance tents on the west coast. Enjoy this recording of their set from HARD summer in LA. I sure did.

Happy Friday!

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Disclosure

Happy Friday kids!


This week we are returning to the sultry dub and bass of the UK duo, Disclosure. There’s been a lot of talk about these dudes being on the forefront of this dance music wave. Let me tell you, its definitely fresh. Can’t wait to see what all the hype is about at Sasquatch!


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If you are into chill beats with a groovy feel give this UK based garage-house duo Disclosure a listen. Brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence, mixed their first track at the youthful ages of 18 and 16. With only a few years experience, now 21 and 18, these two are blossoming into distinguished artists producing sultry dub/bass mixes that make you want to dance.

After attending their Canadian debut show in Toronto I was instantly hooked. With drum kits, keyboards, and synthesizers, in combination with their soulful beats, I couldn’t help but feel good.  These guys deliver the perfect mixture of electronic sounds and emotional elements.

Check out these tunes for a small taste of what this dynamic duo has to offer.

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