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The Cocktail Hour ft. Felix Cartal

I found a LOT of good mixes this week but this one hit me in that sweet spot. Felix has a super consistently awesome weekly mix but this one he decided to take it back to a time when the dance music scene was going through some big time changes.

These genre pushing sounds were so influential most of them still hold up today. The year was only 2007 but these were the songs that shaped my taste for electronic music. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get shivers a few times through this mix. Or that I don’t have a few of these still on regular rotation. Justice. Busy P. A-trak. This mix is a ton of fun.



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The Cocktail Hour ft. Felix Cartal

My ace, my man, Felix Cartal keeps mixes coming every week. I honestly cant keep up with his Weekend Workouts (does that say something about my physical condition? ya probably.. fuck you for making me feel self conscious about my body, Felix!)


This is no Weekend Workout. This time Felix has been featured on Radio 1’s Diplo and Friends! and its different! I know everyone likes different. Hipsters, the lot of you.

This mix is dope though. Look for lots of unreleased edits and some throwbacks. Somehow Britney Spears-Toxic is in there between Hey Jude and A Charlie Brown Christmas sample. I told you its different. But it works and I’m digging it so enjoy!

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The Cocktail Hour feat. Felix Cartal–The Weekend Workout

YO YO! its the weekend workout!

Every two weeks Felix Cartal drops a set of bangers to kick the weekend off right. Ive posted one or two in the past and its actually hard to force myself not to post every two weeks. Well kids, its time for your taste of Vancouver born and bred electronic music.

Are you putting pumpkin flavor in my beer yet? lets make that happen, please.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. J-TRICK

Im torn.. there’s a few good heavy electro mixes out this week. You know what? im gonna give you all of them because fuck it, when was too much electro a bad thing? Vancouver homies Felix Cartal and Lazy Rich both came out with their bi monthly and monthly podcasts respectively and I dont even need to hype how much these dudes deliver.

[* favorite song of the week is hiding in here. Its called Totally Worth It by Hot Mouth]

This week who I really want to feature is a dj producer from Sydney named J-Trick. I stumbled upon his track Im So Hot a while ago and was instantly sucked into his trashy flavored electro. The afrojack-esque highs got me out of my seat and the trashy aussie electro bassline bring be grinding back down to the floor. Or in my case, head bangin and groovin around in my cubical.

J-TRICK errybuddy!

Vancouver is melting right now.. cool down with this cocktail after the jump Continue reading

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Felix Cartal: Weekend Workout episode 11!

I love these weekend workout mixes! Felix, without fail, brings the heat every time. This one in particular is full of new and unreleased bangers to get the knees flexin and your arms t-rexin. Which is great for anyone who went to that Justice concert last night and needs to stretch it out a bit… I dont think im old yet but I guess im not young, I’m sore! The only cure is more dancing.


01. Martin Solveig – The Night Out (A-Trak Remix)

02. David Hopperman, Automann & Nick Waters – Kind of Trashy

03. fRew – Wicked Woman (Tommy Trash Remix)

04. Carl Tricks – Mad Dash (Bingo Players Edit)

05. Felix Cartal – Black to White (Clockwork Remix)

06. Alvaro & The Partysquad – Wataah (Original Mix)

07. Dada Life – Rolling Stones T-Shirt (Chuckie Remix)

08. Maurizio Gubellini vs Nari & Milani – Up (Instrumental)

09. Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Gesaffelstein Remix)

10. Hardwell & Dannic – Kontiki (Dyro Remix)

11. Lazy Rich – Breakfast Of Champions (Original Mix)

12. Alvin Risk – Infinity (Original Mix)

13. Gemini – Fire Inside (feat. Greta Svabo Bech)

14. Major Lazer – Get Free (feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors)


Happy Friday!


felix cartal : Different Faces : the sophomore album

Straight outta vanCity: Felix Cartal, stomps the dance floor with his dirty tech beats, and now has released his sophomore album: Different Faces. Keeping true to his sound, he brings a variety of mad beats to the record.  We absolutely love this guy here at the BBQ. Have yourselves a listen below, courtesy of Felix Cartal himself.


Also check out his hometown photoshoot & interview.


truly yours, sq.face

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