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Some Flume

I love Flume. Been a while since I’ve posted his stuff and I’ve got a few tracks I’d like to share!

His two latest uploads to Soundcloud are a couple beauties. Some Minds features Andrew Wyatt from Miike Snow (yes that one) and is quite the slow burner. It of course pays itself off with some big drums and crisp bleeps and bloops. <– Descriptive, I know.

Collarbones on the other hand is a monster from immaculate conception. 30 seconds in and your chest is already filled with bass and somehow he continues crash bigger and bigger basslines throughout the song. Topped off with the explosiveness of what could only be described as fireworks. This song is reason enough to see flume on a big stage outside.

Lastly is a remix I’ve been sitting on for a while. I have a much larger appreciation for Yolanda Be Cool after Burning Man, much beyond that Americano song. This song has a massive emotional build and Flume does a masterful job in bringing the whole thing to a monstrously powerful climax. In Flume fashion, please listen to these tracks loud. Close your eyes and let the drums wash over you.

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Ta-ku – Higher (Flume Remix)

Sometimes I scroll deep into my favorites list on Soundcloud and realize there’s really a lot I haven’t shared with you guys. Then I feel I’ve done you and the artist an injustice!

I’m here to fix that now. Check out this chill-step from our boy Flume.


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Chat Faker – Gold

This song is sex.

On an unrelated note: I think I’ve been doing sex wrong.

Flume re-work on top of that? Stop. Please. I need 10 minutes and some orange juice.


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The Cocktail Hour ft. Flume

I introduced Flume a few months ago but he has reignited my love with his most recent mix tape. It makes me want to pull my hat brim down low and viciously head bob like AraabMUZIK.

Its steady and heavy and it will definitely set the pace for your Friday evening.


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Flume remixes

This dude is my latest find and obsession. His beats are melodic and heavy and infectious.Very hip-hop inspired, the steady and chill beats are perfect for working or studying without being too distracting. Or just put him on after a long day and drift away with an irresistible sway of the shoulders.

And hes playing The Vogue in September. Yeeeee.

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