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The Cocktail Hour ft. Para One

IM GOING TO PARIS! I scoured the interwebs for some wicked French House shows and I found a few! Cherokee, Brodinski, off to a good start. But then I found Para One doing a show at a place called La Bellevilloie. Para One is Ed Banger. Ed Banger is life. The choice was obvious.

See you next week my friends.


The Cocktail Hour ft. JUSTICE [A † THE UNIVERSE]

My coworker and I have a little tradition going in my office on Fridays. We call it French House Friday and we simultaneously rock out inside our headphones to classic French house. Usually Justice or Daft Punk. I work in a pretty quiet office with a lot of older guys which makes the party in my headphones quite the contrast.

Every Friday. Banging French house music. You should join us.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. CHEROKEE

Happy Friday peeps!

I thought to counteract this dreary Vancouver weather, I’d infuse your afternoon with some smooth french house music. Just imagine you’re on a sunny beach in France and let Cherokee groove you through the workday.

Been meaning to post Cherokee for a while and we finally got enough to do a whole hour on the BBQ. Two hot mixes coming down the pipe!

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Darius

Happy Friday! Its always a great day in my books but this Friday happens to be a little special. Vancouverites, we have new liquor laws! and now we can have happy hour! ** Cocktail hour ** It’s clear they have been followings the blog and realize how great this idea is.

Every Friday we have the soundtrack to get your boozin on. This week its sexy summer lounge music from Darius.


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Kartell – Minimum Move

Add Kartell to the list of always talented French DJs. His Soundcloud page is rife with french remixes and originals but this song in particular sounds like France’s answer to the new wave of deep house fans. While very Disclosure-ish, Minimum Move has a sassy rap vocalist that that will get your head nodding in no time.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. JUSTICE – Access.All.Arenas


By FAR the best mix we’ve had on the Cocktail Hour!

Can you hear that blood curdling scream in the begining? Ya, thats me. Not in the recording of course, that’s silly. I’m made that noise right here in my office and you heard it from wherever you’re reading this from right now.

The happiest of Fridays to all of you!

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