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Mr OIZO feat. Marilyn Manson – SOLID

Some enlightening information brought to you by Mr. Oizo and Marilyn Manson.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. JUSTICE – Access.All.Arenas


By FAR the best mix we’ve had on the Cocktail Hour!

Can you hear that blood curdling scream in the begining? Ya, thats me. Not in the recording of course, that’s silly. I’m made that noise right here in my office and you heard it from wherever you’re reading this from right now.

The happiest of Fridays to all of you!

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Daft Punk – Get Lucky [feat. Pharrell Williams]

Here it is, kids! After countless shitty bootlegs and loops and remixes (with a couple gems in there too) The first single off Daft Punks most anticipated album of all time is released today! Enjoy!

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Chilly Gonzales


Chilly Gonzales is a French pianist and rapper who first caught my attention when there was news of him collaborating with Daft Punk for the new album (MARCH 13 SQUEEE!)

So who is this guy? Hes a classically trained piano player with an IDGAFOS attitude whos got the talent to back it up. And DAFT to the mutherfucking PUNK wanted to work with him.. That says enough I think. Here is the Cocktail mix where he covers classic rap songs with beautiful piano melodies.

Happy Friday!

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Breakbot Valentines Mixtape


Who knows more about romance than the French?  Unabashedly romantic by nature, Breakbot’s eclectic mixes feature elements that never cease to make you smile.

Here is a disco-tinged mix to make the boys and girls blush.

Happy Valentines Day

Much love to my BBQrew

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Darius – Maliblue


Chalk up another to the list of exceptionally talented French house artists. They’ve got this shit on lock. Like seriously, its hardly fair anymore.

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