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The Cocktail Hour ft. Bag Raiders VDAY edition!

Happy Valentines day! If you’re not already full of love today than let me tell you that I love you.

I love you!

Now you should be bursting at the seems with it because that was a lot of love I just filled you with. Now to swoon you and gift you with this romantic ensemble of music by the Bag Raiders.

Go forth and spread that love wide! I swear the sun just came out as I typed that.

Have a great day!

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Coleblooded

It’s a question I find I’m asking myself almost constantly:

Is It Festival Season Yet?!?!

My good friend Coleblooded will answer that question for you now in this sweet sweet Summer Is Coming mix. Show this mix some love with some likes and shares because its what hes using to submit to DJ at Basscoast this year! Hope to see you dropping that dancey dance music at the Slay Bay Beach stage!


Enjoy, and happy Friday!

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Du Tonc

Du Tonc! This is my first time writing about these guys. I stumbled onto them from Soundcloud’s related sound and I fell in love pretty quick! They have that super chipper indi electro pop sound that I love about guys like RAC and The Twelves.

If you dont have a smile on your face 1 minutes into this mix then we might need to re-evaluate our friendship.

Happy Friday!


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The Cocktail Hour ft. Jonas Rathsman

This DJ plays amazing music and could probably build you a house in the woods with his bare hands.

Meanwhile this is me



Happy Friday, ladies!


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The Cocktail Hour ft. Solidisco

Do androids dance? I doubt you could find anything that could resist dancing to this. Happy Friday errybody!


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The Cocktail Hour – Blackout Bangers Vol.1


I made another mix! This one is not for the light-hearted. It is not safe for work. Adult supervision is not advised. Don’t even listen unless your ready to go to the next level! But if you are..

Play it loud. Bring a friend. Get Weird.

Happy Friday!

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