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Raury – Devil’s Whisper

If you haven’t heard of Raury yet, catching him at Fortune tonight might be the last chance to see him before he goes big time. I first heard him on a track with SBTRKT but Devil’s Whisper is the one that made me realized this kid is on to something special. It draws you in with its tribal percussion and choir-like vocals and then, half way through, the track breaks into booming electronic bass with Raury rapping overtop. I’ve never heard anything like it.

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Kendrick Lamar is a generational talent. While I only consider myself partially familiar with his work (its not my go-to genre) I like to think I can recognize an artist with staying power. I first saw Kendrick at Coachella in 2012 as when he was brought up on stage by Snoop and Dre to be recognized as a huge up and comer. That was right before Good Kid, MAAD city dropped and took the world by storm.

Now hot off his latest album ‘To Pimp a Butterfly,’ Kendrick is headlining a stage that has seen the likes of Kanye, Kudi, and Public Enemy. Stick around and watch King Kendrick receive the Sasquatch Crown as he closes down the main stage on Monday night.


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The Cocktail Hour ft. Kaytranada

How many weeks do I have to wait until I can go back to someone I JUST featured on the cocktail hour?

The answer, if were talking about Kaytranada, is I dont really care. Ill post him every week: I freakin love it.

Ill post it today and I’ll play it at the party I’m going to tonight so get used to it people!


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The Cocktail Hour ft. Treasure Fingers

Foooooooools Gooooooooooold

To anyone who’s heard them, those words are synonymous with the awesomness. Here we have New Yorks own Treasure Fingers represents everything the FG family is about.

That is to say he’s all sorts of funky, groovy, and dirty. All with some of that hip hop influenced NYC grit.

He put down one of my favorite sets at Pemberton Music Festival because of his no gimmick stage presence that let his mixing and track selection do the work for him. And it did work.


Here’s a full hour of Mr. Fingers handiwork:


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All you need is one word…INDICUD. The mysterious, dark and ambiguous word can only be described in a new album landing in stores, April 16, literally days before the infamous celebration of 4/20 (Nice Timing). Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi really couldn’t have come out with his masterpiece any…later. After pushing his release date a handful of times last year, it was unbearable at points in time especially knowing songs like, “Just What I Am”, “King Wizard” and “Girls”, were abound the internet teasing our earholes of what was to come.

Finally, Kid Cudi delivered and did he ever! That iconic flow, sweetly-slow tunes and ever-lasting baselines are again what Kid Cudi and close-friend/producer King Chip have mastered over there years together. That being said, they definitely weren’t afraid to venture out of their element to include other amazing artists to their already hyped album. Kendrick Lamar, being one of them, one of hip-hop’s rising stars has been featured in the sequel of an undeniable favourite single, “Solo Dolo Pt. 2”. ASAP Rocky, Michael Bolton and Father John Misty are among the other features on the album.

One thing I should mention is that this album displays more of a “Cold-Blooded” side of Cudi, especially in his lyrical style in comparison to his older music. This has equated to a less “stoner state of mind” style to a “take me serious” quality that we haven’t necessarily seen in the past. Don’t be concerned stoners because there is no denying, listening to his beats with a blunt in your hand, can make every note that much sweeter.

The slight change in style and aggressive presentation (An explosion framed with elegant rose gold; describes the way he wants to be portrayed) gives good reason to believe he has been able to work more freely after parting ways with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. music label last year. Kid Cudi has now started to concentrate on the success of his own label, Wicked Awesome Records. As we follow his steps through Scott Mescudi’s delirious musical journey, there is no question that Cudi always knows how to evolve his fluidity in contrast to the beats he lays down. Listen up and Listen good.

Keep laying it down…Kid Cudi (We Heart You) Forever

exclusive a.tony

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macklemore : The Club

hehehe.. Want to be in a good mood this monday? This is the track you play on a friday during the cocktail hour right before you step out the door..

Listen to this bad puppy by the previously blogged Maclemore. Here is The Club. From the Unplanned Mixtape.

– Who’s coming with me to The CluuuuUUUUuub?

– CluuuuUUUUuub!!??


– Who’s coming with me to mu tuuuuUUUuub

– TuuuUUUuuuub!!??

hehehehe hehe he. all this song is missing is a sick ass video… Comeon Ben Haggerty! Cook us up a sweet video, please!


Also, check out his and Ryan Lewis’s recently released album: The Heist


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