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The Cocktail Hour ft. Daft Punk

An essential mix for the ages. Bit of Daft Punk and a lot of what was cool as shit in 1997. Get into it.

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Disclosure – Hour Glass ft. LION BABE

Disclosure has a new album dropping tomorrow! We’ve been eagerly awaiting Caracal almost immediately after their breakout album Settle blasted these kids from the UK to the global dance charts.

We’ve had the pleasure of hearing a couple singles so far. Taking a look at the tracklisting with the likes of Sam Smith and other huge featuring artists, Caracal could be set to redefine dance music once again.

Check out these singles featuring LION BABE and who else? Lorde.

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Alex in Van

alex_metric_pic alexmetric

Recovering from his voyage on Holy Ship Alex Mertic (Alex Drury) is a British musical magician and he is coming to Vancouver. This is why you should care.

He is riding high on the success of several new releases, most notable is his collaboration with Oliver:

A hugely popular single “Heart Weighs a Ton” has a fresh remix by Galantis.

You must not forget to check out the Ammunition series that will include Part 4 soon. A highlight from part 2 includes another Oliver duel effort:


And the crazy remix by UZ of the anthem Rave Weapon:


Part 3 includes a Mark Yardley happy-go-lucky collaboration:


The man himself filled his ears with a mix of indie guitar bands but took hold of Fatboy Slim and late 90’s French house, especially Daft Punk. Seeing him live is definitely unique. He says that he never truly has a concrete plan, but just an idea of what works best at a little club or vast festival. “In a club you have the ability to be take people on a bit more of a journey while at a festival nine times out of ten people want it to be more immediate” (source). That’s not to say that it always turns out that way. Alex Metric is focused on reacting to the crowd and not a playlist.

What’s his number one favorite artist to work with? The legendary Jacques Lu Cont, real name Stuart Price (source). The epic, epic track of Safe With You is proof:

Alex Metric in Vancouver on a Friday Night. My body is ready.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Tchami

I had a mix all picked out this week but decided to pocket it for a later date because it didn’t quite line up with the mood I’m in today. Today calls for a bit of extra punch in the mix. Something real high energy. Something that’s gonna carry you right through that sugar crash from all the holiday chocolate. Something.. Something like TCHAMI!


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Pomo – Aerobix

Hip-hop drums in house music is a beautiful thing. It’s been teased in a number of ways for a long time and pretty much everyone is about Kaytranada right now. I am too. But Pomo has busted that door down in a major way with this amazing tune in the only way he knows how. With four minutes of smooth and strong, head bobbin magic.


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The Cocktail Hour ft. Dirtybird Family’s Solé Fixtape

The players over at Dirtybird know how to lay down some.. I’m gonna say it,  dirty, house tracks. OOoohhH, fuck your thesaurus!

Its Friday and we are getting down. This mix was put together by J.Phlip and features some deep cuts from the DB roster and also alot of the freshness. This label has been around since 2005 and will keep pushing house music forward for the foreseeable future. Real house music. You go Dirtybird, go.


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