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St Vincent

Don’t let the purple cotton candy hair and waif-like physique fool you, St. Vincent can rock. Her falsetto disco-era vocals mixed with high-interference grungy guitar sounds are inescapably charming, and contemporary simple drum beats make them dancy and fun. Watching her jump onto her security guard’s shoulders and throw a guitar solo fit inches from the front row is pretty fun too.  See her play this Sunday evening at Gorge and you won’t be disappointed!


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The Cocktail Hour ft. Du Tonc

Du Tonc! This is my first time writing about these guys. I stumbled onto them from Soundcloud’s related sound and I fell in love pretty quick! They have that super chipper indi electro pop sound that I love about guys like RAC and The Twelves.

If you dont have a smile on your face 1 minutes into this mix then we might need to re-evaluate our friendship.

Happy Friday!


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Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love (RAC Mix)

I never tire of the warmth and playfulness of an RAC remix. Grab their latest charming remixes for free off their soundcloud.

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The Cocktail Hour feat. The Twelves

Meet The Twelves! This electro pop duo from Rio de Janeiro is a force to be reckoned with. Garnering a massive online fan base launched these dudes into the international spotlight. Repeatedly climbing the Hype Machine charts with remixes for the likes of  M.I.A. and La Roux to Nirvana and The Beatles. Spin dubbed them one of “9 Unknown Bands to Watch at SXSW”. They first caught a lot of attention from this groovy cover of Daft Punks Night Vision.

Personally, I fell in love with them after I found this remix my favorite Two Door Cinema Club song.

Their live show is a one of a kind unique blend of live keyboards, drum machines, mash-ups and on the fly remixing and improvisation. Im checking them out at Celebrities this weekend for Blueprint’s Rememberance Day bash. This is their BBC Essential mix to get your aquainted proper.

BONUS* Penguin Prison is opening! Check out the event here

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Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love is All I Got

Jon Gooch is a more adaptable artist than you might think. Making the jump from SPOR to Feed Me (drum and bass to electro) didnt seem like much of a stretch but just wait. Forget the fact that his signature sound has carved himself a nice spot as one of the best electro producers out there, this guy is much deeper than that. Take his acoustic cover of The Finks – This Is The Thing. Thats him on the guitar and doing the vocals. Ill wager most hack ‘DJs’ who pick up a mac book and abelton cant even read sheet music.

So we know Jon’s got a bit of range. This brings us to what sounds like a very strange collaberation but believe me it works!

Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love is All I Got

Feed your soul!


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Remix Artist Collective (RAC) @ The Waldorf

I saw the RAC at the Waldorf a couple weeks ago and I was totally blown away. It was a refreshingly dancy evening of hipster debauchery. I had been a long time fan of their music but was having trouble imagining how they could turn a massive arsenal of indi remixes into one of the most fun dance parties ive ever been to. Because they did just that.

No, I didnt crawl out of the Waldorfs cabaret room with a sore neck and back like I did after seeing Skrillex in the same basement. I’ve since learned raw energy isnt the only thing that goes into a great time. Skrillex can whip me into a frenzy really easy but its guys like RAC and James Murphy that leave me with sore cheeks at the end of the night from smiling just way too hard.

Im gonna leave here a couple of my favorites but highly suggest your check out their entire soundcloud because they seriously have like 150 amazingly chill and groovy songs on there.

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