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Sylvan Esso. Have you heard of them yet? Well, at least a thousand of you have since they recently sold out a show at the Commodore, seemingly completely under the radar.

Amelia Meath on vocals, with her lengthy armpit hair and towering platform sneakers; Nick Sanborn working the mixing table, with his lived-in t’s and blasé good looks. It’s an odd pairing but nothing we haven’t seen in the realm of indie music duos. And to be completely honest, they aren’t really giving us anything ground-breaking in the electro-pop genre either.

But what they lack in progressive concepts they more than make up for in guileless execution. Her exquisitely toned voice coupled with his stuttering synth beats, this is music you feel before you dissect. And it’s magic.

While their mid-tempo compositions and unexpected rhythms have been on repeat in my headphones, I really can’t wait to hear these beats erupt during their live performance.


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nirvana : all apologies (sound remedy remix)

great touch!

Nirvana : All Apologies (Sound Remedy Remix)


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the weekend wind down ft. Metronomy


Time to cool this mother! It’s the wind down for all your hungover asses. This week we give you something to turn your delirium tremens into some dance moves, since it isn’t really the end of the weekend. Continue reading

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the weekend wind down ft. Bon Iver

This weeks wind down is featuring the Grammy award winning genius, Bon Iver.

Holocene (seeing this live was one of the awesoimest sonic experiences i’ve ever had.. of course, this was at sasquatch ’12)

Now for an extended Bov Iver pleasure indulge into this awesome studio session of Justin Vernon and Sean Carey and let yourself get carried away by the sound.

happy hangover,


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the weekend wind down ft. grimes

Here’s a great wake up in the morning kind of track by a Vancouver native Grimes, who discovered her musical talents while studying in Montreal and eventually caring less for school and more for her performances and production. This weekend’s wind down prescription is:

Grimes : Genesis

If you like that, give Oblivion a whirl. And if that tickles you fancy, than get your hands on her Visions album released earlier this year.

happy hangover,and I hope you get over it promptly if you are attending the Full Flex Train Tour tonight in vancity, where Grimes will open for Diplo, Skrillex and Pretty Lights


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the weekend wind down featuring Destroyer.

So first of all, this bands name is way too ironic when compared to the sound they produced, which makes it pretty awesome.

This band has started out in 1995 from Vancouver w/ the front man singer/song-writer Daniel Bejar and has  by now released 9 LP albums. The latest album Kaputt being my most favourite as Destroyer moves from their blues sound to an ambient chillwave one. And the calm sound intertwined with lyrics of wit and melancholy under struck w/ the sax and trumpet, makes Destroyer something special. And let me tell you that the sound is even more captivating live.


Here is ‘Bay of Pigs'(Detail) – Destroyer for this week’s wind down.

Make sure to check out the rest of Kaputt for some great music.


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