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Death From Above 1979 – TRAINWRECK1979

Oh, the boys are back.

trainwreck 1979

Its been a full 10 years since the 2004  debut album of You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine. It has to be said up top that although the album may not have received critical acclaim or the financial success it deserved, anyone can tell you that the influential impact it had on artists and fans of multiple genres, myself included, is immeasurable.

Coming out of the 2006 breakup in 2011, armed still with only a bass guitar and drum kit, the reunion tour proved that DFA was still one of the most electrifying live acts around. I had to privilege of catching them twice and when whispers of new music came down the pipe I’ve been on my toes for over a year.

Finally we’re rewarded with a new single and album release date. The Physical World is due out 9.9.14

Now let me present Trainwreck 1979:



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Throwback Thursdays: MSTRKRFT (2008)

Jesse F Keeler and studio wizard Al-P are MSTRKRFT . My favorite Canadian punk electro DJs. We’ve touched on how awesome they are before but today were debuting our new weekly staple! Its throwback thursdays and here is a mix that I credit with getting me hooked on EDM. This essential mix turned me on to Crookers, Justice and the like and opened my mind the the rest of the EDM world.

Of course, we didnt call it EDM back then haha. We were just the weird kids starting dance parties with foreign dance moves we picked up on youtube.

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Jesse F. Keeler is another stellar product of our fine country. Starting in Toronto, he conquered the punk rock world playing bass guitar in Death From Above 1979. After a successful studio album and numberous EPs the band unfortunately broke up (only unfortunate for the rock community). Together with studio wizard Al-P, he transitioned his raw, energizing, nature towards electronic dance music in 2006 with MSTRKRFT. You might call JFK a crossover artist, but I would call it simply a progression. The distorted heavy sounds from the bass guitar that put JFK on the map would lend themselves instantly to the monstrous sounds soon to come from his synth and vocoder.

MSTRKRFT released their first LP The Looks in 2006. Electronic music at this point was evolving beyond the definition of techno and house. With a heavier punk influence the album was described by Al-P as,”darker, underground disco house with elements of American rock music.” Following up with their second LP Fist Of God, the duo inherited some hip hop influence while collaborating with the likes of  John Legend and Ghostface Killah. The record received mixed reviews, straying from what the fan base came to expect from the boys. JFK and Al-P expected this however, going as far to tell the kids on the message boards,  ‘Well, a lot of you are gonna hate it’ Personally, I loved the album and it ultimately opened the duo up to a wider audience.

MSTRKRFT-Fist Of God- Heartbreak ft. John Legend

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The Mortal Kombat comeback.

In April Warner Brothers Games released a 9th version of their epic, and my personally favourite, fighting game. This game is named one of the most important games out there as far as inspiring all the modern fighting games. This version was actually banned in Australia and its easy to see why…(check out the video for Baraka’s Fatality move)

The soundtrack to accompany a few select characters was handed over to the electronic music world with JFK  (MSTRKRFT & DFA1979) orchestrating the troops of dj’s to come up with what they thought represented the characters. Honestly, there were a few disappointing productions by some of the more well known names, but there a few bright spots of success that all together made up the soundtrack album: Mortal Kombat: Songs inspired by the Warriors.

01. Deathstalker (Scorpion’s Theme) – JFK of MSTRKRFT
02. Mileena’s Theme – Tokimonsta
03. Helado (Sub-Zero’s Theme) – Harvard Bass
04. Liu Kang’s Theme – Congorock
05. Goro’s Theme – Bird Peterson
06. Reptile’s Theme – Skrillex
07. Raiden’s Theme – 9th Wonder
08. Johnny Cage’s Theme – LA Riots
09. Baraka’s Theme – Run DMT
10. Kung Lao’s Theme – Felix Cartal
11. Kano’s Theme – Them Jeans
12. Shao Kahn’s Theme – Sound of Stereo


Speaking of Baraka, this nasty-looking leader of a horde of orcs or whatever-you-call em is featured on our blog cuz Run DMT came up with a pretty sick track to represent this ugly creature. My 3rd fave on the album– some interesting sounds there… click the pic!

click me!


Johnny Cage’s theme was handed over to LA Riots. I never liked his character growing up, possibly cuz he was a stuck-up douche.. Nonetheless, the track keeps a good suspense and tempo, which is quite appropriate to the character and the game. A job well done, my 2nd fave.. Click the pic!


And of course if you want something to destroy a dance floor or a fighting rink you ask Skrillex. I’m not sure if Reptile is intense enough of a character for the things that come out of the speakers, but this is a number one for me and is the Theme for this whole game. Click the pic!

– sq.face

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