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The Cocktail Hour ft. JUSTICE [A † THE UNIVERSE]

My coworker and I have a little tradition going in my office on Fridays. We call it French House Friday and we simultaneously rock out inside our headphones to classic French house. Usually Justice or Daft Punk. I work in a pretty quiet office with a lot of older guys which makes the party in my headphones quite the contrast.

Every Friday. Banging French house music. You should join us.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Felix Cartal

I found a LOT of good mixes this week but this one hit me in that sweet spot. Felix has a super consistently awesome weekly mix but this one he decided to take it back to a time when the dance music scene was going through some big time changes.

These genre pushing sounds were so influential most of them still hold up today. The year was only 2007 but these were the songs that shaped my taste for electronic music. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get shivers a few times through this mix. Or that I don’t have a few of these still on regular rotation. Justice. Busy P. A-trak. This mix is a ton of fun.



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The Cocktail Hour ft. JUSTICE – Access.All.Arenas


By FAR the best mix we’ve had on the Cocktail Hour!

Can you hear that blood curdling scream in the begining? Ya, thats me. Not in the recording of course, that’s silly. I’m made that noise right here in my office and you heard it from wherever you’re reading this from right now.

The happiest of Fridays to all of you!

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Ed Banger Records Turns 10

Last Friday, in Paris, Ed Banger Records threw one hell of a party for their 10 year anniversary. The whole thing was streamed live on YouTube and featured the entire all-star Ed Banger lineup. From Justice to Breakbot to SebastiAn, it was a seriously awesome evening. Stream your favorites and power through this beautiful Monday. Did someone say patio drinks?

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new lands EP : jus†ice

Gaspard & Xavier have released an EP featuring 3 remixes of their track New Lands  which was released as part of Audio, Video, Disco

Falcon Remix (this mix is much suited for our weekend wind down…)

A-trak Remix

SebastiAn Remix (make sure to listen to the whole remix, trust)

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The sophomore album of Justice : Audio,Video,Disco : official release.

So it is now the 25th of October.

The Justice album Audio,Video,Disco is officially out. I will simply let you decide how you feel about it.

Listen to the whole album here : http://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/playerbecause/player.html?p=eJI8VybHxPxc84

What do u think?
Is it a statement?
Does it rock?
Have they explored enough?

Sure, it doesn’t look like Justice has brought down the same wrath of electro that they themselves defined in house music with their Cross album. This is as they say the logical continuation of the previous album. “If the last album was dark and heavy like the night, this one is more like a open countryside”

Well, what do you think?