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The Cocktail Hour ft. KAYTRANADA

Guys this is big news! our favorite Haitian-Canadian producer and taste maker has landed a BBC residency. That’s right. KAY-muthafucking-TRANADA has his own radio show coming to you every month. He joins the ranks of Pete Tong and Diplo and I couldn’t be more excited.

His debut show last Friday was a soulful journey with the likes of Todd Terje, Taylor McFerrin, The Internet and fellow Montreal artist Pomo. Listen to his first hour over at the BBC webite here


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Kaytranada Remixes

Just bringing you a little dose of whats to come this Friday. Pretty excited about this weeks Cocktail Hour but lets have a little warm up for our favorite  Haitian-Canadian.


These remixes are fire and they are free to download. FREE.

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The Cocktail Hour ft. Kaytranada

How many weeks do I have to wait until I can go back to someone I JUST featured on the cocktail hour?

The answer, if were talking about Kaytranada, is I dont really care. Ill post him every week: I freakin love it.

Ill post it today and I’ll play it at the party I’m going to tonight so get used to it people!


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Chromeo – Sexy Socialite

chromeo sexy socialiteThe newest single from Canada’s funkiest exports!

Chromeo always makes me smile and wiggle my shoulders. I have to limit it to only shoulder wiggling because I don’t want anyone in my office to get pregnant if I try and imitate Dave1’s full dance moves.

Sexy Socialite has a super fun trotting synth line that gallops its sexy way through the song. It has some brilliant lyrics and that nu-funk twist that Chromeo is making their own.  I cant wait for the album and tour!

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Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder

Guys.. Guys, listen. Take notes. We all have something to learn from Dave1.

I may need a female contributor to write this post in order to covey the proper amounts of hot and bothered. Lady boners? Lady boners must be everywhere. Am I wrong, ladies?

Chromeo is back with the most sultry funk you’ve ever heard.. unf.


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