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Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder (Mr. Oizo Remix)

I’ve decided that Over Your Shoulder is one of those songs that’s an instant classic. That said, it was a great idea to put a remix in the hands of the wonderfully weird, Mr. Oizo.

The first time I listened to it, I thought the song was lacking the silky smooth flow of the original. But thats not what Oizo is about. The production is crisp, punchy and retains all the funk and sexy.


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The Cocktail Hour ft. Hot Mouth (again)

What to say when you’ve written about this guy so many times? Hmm.. Maybe something like.. Holy shit it was supremely cool to meet and hang out with you last weekend!

At the risk of sounding like a babbling groupie, that was pretty fucking rad of you to come to our ‘after party’ (loosest sense of the term) But once again, thanks for coming, Jon.

Now for the musics! lots of new musics, and some old musics. But these new musics are pretty great! There isn’t a track listing here yet but I recognize a couple gems in there from being a lurker. We’ve got the Hot Mouth bootleg of Mr. Oizo’s You look like shit which is a super jacking tune. You played us the Lazy Rich collab and I’m hoping that’s in here somewhere because there are some heavy hitting ones I don’t recognize. There’s tons of new Hot Mouth coming out and I’m stoked! Looking forward to your next visit to the great white north.

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Mr OIZO feat. Marilyn Manson – SOLID

Some enlightening information brought to you by Mr. Oizo and Marilyn Manson.

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still waiting for Justice!

Rumors , Rumor, Rumors!

So I dunno about you guys, but I remember the rumours that Justice is coming out with a new album this year . I mean, sure that’s great, but I can’t wait till the-guys-that-do-it-right hit us with another bomb! They did tease us with a single earlier this year, yet I hope that that wasn’t what the rumour was actually talking aboot!

click for a juicy taste.

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