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The CENTER OF GRAVITY power hour!

The Bloody Beetroots get their own post but im out of time and effort to elaborate on anyone but Sir Bob right meow. Heres a power briefing of the other heavy hitters that are bringing beats to the beaches this weekend!

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Nero : Must Be The Feeling Remixes

Alright so Nero‘s Must Be The Feeling single has a massive remix package! Coming from the Welcome Reality album that dropped in August 2011

Flux Pavilion w/Nero, Kill The Noise Azari & III, Brookes Brothers, SebastiAn, South Central, and Delta Heavy all got their hands on this one and tweaked it to their liking. Plus there is the Live Version and Radio Edit, both different mixes of their own.

According to my scale, the 3rd place goes to SebastiAn from Ed Banger records. The way I see it, since he is alongside Justice’s record label, he realized that their new album is not what their first one was and thought since he can’t get sound from them he will make it himself. Hence the violin stabs and distorted organ synth, that progress thru the track from a slow half-track build to a harsh yet cool electro section. Eventually breaking down to half speed to allow you to really absorb the sound. (Sorry for my Justice rant). Here is the track.


The next spot goes to South Central, a good electro pumper. Continue reading

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Wheres the bloody Knife Party?

Today’s music is inspired by yesterday’s music, and will be inspiring tomorrow’s. But what if you made yesterdays music? I’m talking about artists who go through a profound change in musical output, but only after mastering the first one. They don’t just learn the history of some genre. They have a carnal knowledge and experience of it which they use to build a platform and launch something new and exciting. Some of my favorite and most successful artists – Steve Aoki, The Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT – all have filthy, rebellious, punk-rock influences which seep through into their music. So its at moments like these, you need to take a step back and say, WHERES THE BLOODY KNIFE PARTY?


Knife Party is to Pendulum what MSTRKRFT is to DFA1979. Its a side project by Rob Swire and fellow pendulmate Gareth McGrillen that takes the raw energy of their DnB/rock roots, and sends it through an evil electronic disco machine. If you have ever been to a Pendulum concert, you know its one of the most insane mosh pits of your life. Now turn down the drum and turn up the bass, crank out some massive electro, dubstep and moombahcore tunes, and you’ve got yourselves the next level of shit-losing dance music.


They have done some huge remixes this summer for the likes of Nero, SHM, and even new guy: Porter Robinson. Along with some neck breaking original production, they also collaborated with electro dubmaster Skrillex for a wobbly moombahton single Zoology. Its clear to me they have been bottling up all the excess electo that couldnt make it into Pendulums albums because its all coming out in a furious assault on the dance floor.

Porter Robinson-Unison (Knife Party Remix)

Nero-Crush (Knife Party Remix)

This is a studio mix they did featuring some awesome unreleased singles and a couble of the summers biggest remixes.
ps. dont block Knife Party on facebook.

-Brian Shott

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This genius who goes by the moniker FEED ME has made a name for himself in the drum ‘n’ bass scene as Spor, yet recently Jon Gooch has found a very succesful path along the electro house stream. Following of what this scene wants and where it goes, he makes dubstep tracks like a bauss!!

sexy guy, eh?
Here is a taste his new EP : To the Stars! Released on Mau5trap is a continuation of his success in bringing down the house. Tasteful dubstep sounds, hard electro beats juxtaposed with a soft voice Tasha Baxter or good-ol’ car alarms. The point is all the sounds he uses are put together in a professional and again tasteful manner. Love this guy! Have yourselves a taste!

Here are two remixes of this year:

Call your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) – Robyn


Innocence (Feed Me Remix) – Nero

Of course if you are like us and are going to the show tonight and are indulging in some preparatory drinking, here is his previous EP for you pre-drinking convenience. Enjoy the show everyone!

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Promises(Skrillex Remix) – Nero & music video Rock N Roll – Skrillex

Thanks to one of our readers, we were able to discover this new Skrillex remix for you dubstep lovers. It is still on the grill of the label, but has spread all over the www like butter on a slice of toast. Skrillex grabs this classic dubstep track and throws in a bit of cajun and jalapeños on that baby! Click the pic to have yourself a taste..

click to dl: promises (skrillex remix) - nero


This is the newest video by Skrillex for his Rock N Roll track from his 2nd EP: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites! Check out a lil preview to 9 months in-a-life-of..!

– sq.face

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