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The Cocktail Hour ft. Daft Punk Alive 2007

Did you guys think we could play another mix on a day as momentous as this? The ROBOTS ARE BACK! Lets play homage to one of the greatest mixes of all time.. Alive 2007

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Daft Punk – Get Lucky [feat. Pharrell Williams]

Here it is, kids! After countless shitty bootlegs and loops and remixes (with a couple gems in there too) The first single off Daft Punks most anticipated album of all time is released today! Enjoy!

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Daft Punk Countdown


The most anticipated album of my life is due to drop tomorrow! My hopes are so so high. The electronic album just doesn’t get done these days and I’m so glad No End  is getting all the hype it deserves. Which is a lot. Daft Punk are undeniably the most influential and important artists in the dance music world. They invented popular electronic music with Homework and defined the modern dance album with Discovery. And with Discovery came the greatest song of all time:

 Human After All  album and tour gave birth to the most played album in my music library, the live album, Alive 2007

Then the two Frenchman directed the entire score for the remake of the visual masterpiece, Tron. It was as much a treat for the ears as it was the eyes.

We’ve heard very little about the new album but any info that comes out get gobbled up by the blogs instantly. We know they have worked with Nile Rodgers. We know they have worked with Chilly Gonzales. We have a 15 second clip that you can listen to on repeat here:

Everyone is beyond excited. I’m also praying for a world tour. Or shit, a concert anywhere. I would go to Mongolia to see Daft Punk.




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Bloody Beetroots DJ set (CoG Preview)

I am pretty guilty of throwing the word favorite around too much.. I really can’t help it. I love so much. I’ll be honest though, 4 or 5 times a night a song might come on and in that perfect moment I wont be lying when I say ermahgurd my furvurit SERNG! But let’s make one thing clear: If were talking artists to artists and I say anyone other than Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo and his Bloody Beetroots is my favorite, im fucking lying.

Weve written about these guys once or twice or thrice before.. Who are we kidding, they are our most blogged artists by a long shot.

They have the most raw and energetic live performances youve ever seen. That is really the only way to fully experience their musical and cultural movement because thats what the Church of Noise is. You can consider me a devote follower. Now lets listen to some neck breaking punk electro.

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