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Starting as 2 childhood friend making beats in their bedrooms and since expanding to a full seven-plus-piece band, Jungle is ready to immerse the audience in their rhythmic funk that promises to get everybody moving. There’s just something so instantly danceable about these loping grooves that you can’t help but lose yourself to.

And we’re including videos in this post because obviously.

It’s fairly apparent from their collection of music videos that Jungle wants you to do one thing: DANCE!

Slotted into one of the opening act on Sasquatch’s main stage, what better way to kick off day 1 than the funk infused dance party Jungle is sure to evoke and keep us bustling through the rest of the day.


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St Vincent

Don’t let the purple cotton candy hair and waif-like physique fool you, St. Vincent can rock. Her falsetto disco-era vocals mixed with high-interference grungy guitar sounds are inescapably charming, and contemporary simple drum beats make them dancy and fun. Watching her jump onto her security guard’s shoulders and throw a guitar solo fit inches from the front row is pretty fun too.  See her play this Sunday evening at Gorge and you won’t be disappointed!


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Sylvan Esso. Have you heard of them yet? Well, at least a thousand of you have since they recently sold out a show at the Commodore, seemingly completely under the radar.

Amelia Meath on vocals, with her lengthy armpit hair and towering platform sneakers; Nick Sanborn working the mixing table, with his lived-in t’s and blasé good looks. It’s an odd pairing but nothing we haven’t seen in the realm of indie music duos. And to be completely honest, they aren’t really giving us anything ground-breaking in the electro-pop genre either.

But what they lack in progressive concepts they more than make up for in guileless execution. Her exquisitely toned voice coupled with his stuttering synth beats, this is music you feel before you dissect. And it’s magic.

While their mid-tempo compositions and unexpected rhythms have been on repeat in my headphones, I really can’t wait to hear these beats erupt during their live performance.


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SBTRKT is a headliner in my books. I had the pleasure of seeing SBTRKT for the first time at Sasquatch in 2012 and I carry very fond memories that evening. As much as I would love to relive some of those moments in the dance tent, our friend has most naturally risen to the closing slot of the Bigfoot Stage. What was intimate will now be fueled by the energy of the masses. Hes come a long way since Wildfire and I cant wait to see what the masked man has in store for us.


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Gogol Bordello! Now this is another festival favorite that came out of left field. Couple years at Squamish fest we saw this band play and all I knew of them was this Bassnectar dubstep remix of Immedgraniada. I was super into Bassnectar back then and I liked the song but I was NOT prepared for what was about to happen at that stage.

This gypsy punk band proceeded to throw down one of the rowdiest sets I’ve ever seen. Harder than Bassnectar himself if you could imagine. I’ve never moshed like I moshed that day. It was madness and I cant wait to see them again and wear some purple.

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Every year when the Sasquatch lineup gets released, I start dreaming about what stages certain acts will play and when they’ll be playing. I could think of no better place and time to see Tame Impala play.

The psychedelic rock band from Perth, will be melting minds just before sunset on the main stage Monday, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Check out these tracks, two of my favourite from Tame Impala’s most recent album, “Lonerism”, and their upcoming album “Currents”.


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