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The Cocktail Hour ft. Odesza

So because I missed the two back to back sold out nights Odesza played in Van this week.. I’m going to watch this clip over and over and pretend I was there..

‘Oh man they were so great! did you see the thing where they did the thing? yea totes, that was awesome.’ -Me talking about how great Odesza is.

Real talk, they sold out real fast and I wish I went but I have it on good authority that the dudes from Seattle killed it. So lets listen to them some more, yea?

(if thats not enough for you.. click on this link for like 6 hours of those dreamy melodies and crunchy drumlines https://soundcloud.com/odesza/sets/no-sleep )


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The Cocktail Hour ft. ODESZA




This week on the BBQ is ODESZA. This Seattle duo is know for their balance between dreamy sun trickled melodies, crunchy drums and sweeping basslines. Their NO.SLEEP series of mixes is always a smash and the most recent issue is no substitute.



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budo : a one man show

I’m loving these one man bands! People like Tallest Man on Earth, Reignwolf, Robert DeLong.

And now. Budo. From Seattle, Washington.

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macklemore : The Club

hehehe.. Want to be in a good mood this monday? This is the track you play on a friday during the cocktail hour right before you step out the door..

Listen to this bad puppy by the previously blogged Maclemore. Here is The Club. From the Unplanned Mixtape.

– Who’s coming with me to The CluuuuUUUUuub?

– CluuuuUUUUuub!!??


– Who’s coming with me to mu tuuuuUUUuub

– TuuuUUUuuuub!!??

hehehehe hehe he. all this song is missing is a sick ass video… Comeon Ben Haggerty! Cook us up a sweet video, please!


Also, check out his and Ryan Lewis’s recently released album: The Heist


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