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The Cocktail Hour ft. Skrillex+Mija

Sometimes I don’t think the people in the circles I run in give Skrillex enough credit. Its a very common attitude among the those who have evolved beyond bro-step and think they have left the likes of Skrillex behind. I’m here to tell you that you’re not only wrong but ol’ Skrilli is probably the one leaving you behind.

How many superstar DJs go exploring after a headlining spot at Bonaroo only to stumble upon a Burning Man art car and proceed, upon invitation, to join little know DJ Mija for a  sunrise DJ set? Not a lot. I’ve seen Sonny play in some intimate settings but this would have been pretty magical. I’m just glad somebody recorded it.


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The Cocktail Hour ft. Skrillex

Havent had ol’ Skrilli on the blog in a while! The most iconic haircut and glasses combo in dance music has come a very long way since his inaugural BBC essential mix in 2011. He had an undeniable impact when he broke onto the scene and this mix is packed full of new music that will, without a doubt, leave its mark on the summer of 2013.

We’ve got loads of new stuff from Skrillex himself as well as new Dog Blood productions and lots of the OWSLA crew. Fresh of the announcement of the new super group Jack U (Diplo+Skrillex) this mix might be a hint of the flavor to come from two of the heaviest hitters in the game. It is definitely more diverse than people probably have come to expect from Skrillex so check out the full two hours!

Happy Friday!


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Dog Blood – Middle Finger EP

Dog Blood: A collabrative side project between the German techno king Boys Noize and the North American dubstep juggernaut Skrillex.

This EP excites me. I first heard Next Order when Skrilli dropped it at his Full Flex Express stop in Vancouver and I was in shock. It was one of those songs that stops you dead in your dance trance in wonder. Is this really Skrillex? It doesnt sound like his normal robot gang bang so what is going on here and more importantly where can I get this?

I mentioned this song excites me. Its a prime example of two artists expanding their musical horisons, exploring, and pushing the boundaries of dance music. It speaks to the credit of both of these incredibly talented young men whos passion is what is keeping this genre from being washed out by popular influence. Keep it up boys.

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the weekend wind down ft. grimes

Here’s a great wake up in the morning kind of track by a Vancouver native Grimes, who discovered her musical talents while studying in Montreal and eventually caring less for school and more for her performances and production. This weekend’s wind down prescription is:

Grimes : Genesis

If you like that, give Oblivion a whirl. And if that tickles you fancy, than get your hands on her Visions album released earlier this year.

happy hangover,and I hope you get over it promptly if you are attending the Full Flex Train Tour tonight in vancity, where Grimes will open for Diplo, Skrillex and Pretty Lights


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The Cocktail Hour Feat. DIPLO

This weeks mix is something special. Not only because Diplo packed this bitch full unreal music but because on Sunday I get to see that dapper mother fucker live! Not to mention the rest of the Full Flex Express crew: Skrillex, Pretty Lights, KOAN Sound, Grimes, TOKiMONSTA, and Hundred Waters. In one freakin building!

This trans-canada tour of bass music is making history for EDM. The tour was inspired by the 1970 tour called The Festival Express which featured rock and roll greats like Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead, and The Band. Did I mention its all done via train? So. Cool.

All three headliners have all had massive roles in the advancement of this genre and this tour is pushing even more boundaries. Just how far can they take it? In interviews it has been revealed that Skrillex and the boys may not even break even on this run due to the massive massive production value they are bringing cross-country on a private train. Do they care? absolutely not. They are doing something really cool and having a great time doing it!  There are other ways to make money Skrillex says.

Enough talk! more beats! Diplo really brings it all in this one. Get ready for some great exclusives, new tunes, a bit of errything: Dancehall, Moombahton, Dubstep, House, Electro, its gonna get weird. Express yourself. 

Sorry guys, you may have known this was coming. For this mix you need a 40 oz. of Colt 45 and fat blunt.




ps. go see Batman.

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Birdy Nam Nam : Goin’ In : Skrillex remix

Trap music has had an interesting influence on the EDM world recently. The ghetto hip hop roots lend itself to the hard and slower BPM of drum and dubstep so its no surprise weve seen it popping up everywhere from places like Diplo’s alternative Jeffrees label with artists like Expendable Youth and Baauer to the mainstream hands of Skrillex.

This remix by Sonny is awesome. Makes me hop in my chair, shoulder dance and bob my head like a chicken. I can see trap music having a lasting effect on our genre like the recent moombah movement. Were due for a little shake up anyways. amiright?


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