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Clockwork – SQUAD UP

I first heard of this young gun, Clockwork, during one of Steve Aokis radio shows in an interview with VanCities own Felix Cartal. Aoki was asking Felix if there were any young producers he had helped out that he now plays out in his sets regularly. The answer was, you guessed it, Clockwork 😉

The fresh music junkie in me opened up the google machine right away. Who is this guy? I hope I get hipster points for liking his FB page before hes popular! Turns out the guys already carved out quite the little following from his bedroom in NYC. I was still pretty stoked to find a ton of cool music on his soundcloud.

You can stream his newest EP – SQUAD UP off the soundcloud and go buy it on its official release march 13th. My favorite track is Hulk. I first heard Dillon Francis drop it when he played in Vancouver but at the time I had no idea where that huge wooop boom wooop boom came from. I do now, and its a back breaker.

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Steve Aoki + Rivers Cuomo : Earthquakey People : The first single from the upcoming album!

So if you think about it, Steve Aoki is for the most part, more dj than producer–if you judge him by the amount of songs he has actually produced. Think about it, he makes many compilation cd’s, yet never has he had his own full length album. And if you look at the number of singles he has produced? Well you can count them on your two hands. Wtf is my point? Well, its that its about fucking time Mr.Aoki!

Ever since I heard your remix of Chris Cornell’s – Part of Me i was hooked. And your announcement of the album was a pleasant surprise for the album-happy-year-of-2011 for the edm world. You are well in tune with your surroundings Steve.. In tune.

Anyway lets skip the smalltalk, Continue reading

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steve Aoki be teasing us with Earthquaky People + the new album!!!

So as we are getting ready to go back to the place of inception of the blackout bbq for identinty festival at the gorge in george, WA, Steve Aoki is releasing a teaser for his new single Earthquaky People featuring Rivers Cuomo from Weezer. Continue reading

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DIMMAK @ the PNE Forum: a review

Steve Aoki has a special place in my heart. The man popped my electro cherry!! He was my first electronic music concert back in 2008. First person to crowdsurf over my head and spray me with champagne. First DJ I shook hands with. He opened my eyes and set the bar for what the energy should be like at every EDM show and few and far between have been able to bring it like he does.

Steve Aoki is a professional party animal. I think thats the special thing about his shows, hes not putting on a set for you, hes partying with you. He engages the crowd on a level that can only be reached when you spend more time in front of the tables than you do behind lol. I love watching the guy, one of the top performers in the business


The award for best show goes to, without a doubt, the Bloody Beetroots-Deathcrew 77

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Dimmak party in town: they be bringing the big guns!

The most epic, energized, uplifting, exciting, invigorating and mind-blasting shows I’ve ever been to has been the Church of Noise Tour by the infamous Bloody Beetroots (aka Death Crew 77). Full stop. You can try and sa… UH-AH! Full stop.

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