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Benny Benassi & Public Enemy – Bring The Noise (Pump-kin Remix)

Throwing it baaaaaack! This song was THE first electro songs that I was obsessed with. OBSESSED.

Good old Benassi. Legend.

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The Knocks feat. St. Lucia – Modern Hearts (The Aston Shuffle Remix)

I love The Knocks! and The Aston Shuffle was one of the groups that first introduced me to dance music way back in 2006, haha. This remix has the fun and euphoric music The Knocks are known for and a bit of the aussie grit that I love from The Shuffle. Enjoy!

BONUS Throwback Thursday:

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Robbie Rivera Feat Rooster & Peralta – Move Move (Dj Observer & Daniel Heatcliff Mix)

Throwback to 2008! Alex Metric dropped this thumper of a song last night and I had to Shazam it,  its been so long. Needless to say it still holds up! fantastic song to supplement a fantastic set by Mr. Metric.


throwback thursdays ft. Zdarlight : Digitalism

Remember this?

Following in the footsteps of Benny Benassi, and eventually releasing this track on his Cooking for Pump-kin label, Digitalism is the indie king of blurb. Blurby synth was the signature tech sound of Digitalism’s entry to the scene.





Here is Zdarlight : Digitalism


The track just recently got a refresher remix by Fedde Le Grande + Deniz Koyu


along with Zdarlight the producer duo had released other singles, most notably the nearly-record-title-track: Idealistic


the hot, hot mid 00’s.. hehe


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Throwback Thursday: DAFT PUNK – HOMEWORK

First off lets have a collective squeee! about the Daft  Punk album/tour release date, ok? on three.. 1..2… SQUEEEEE! Alright, I think you get it. Im beyond excited.

But its Thursday so lets take it back to the old school. Of cours by old school I mean the album that defined the new school. Homework was release in 1997 to mixed reviews but proceeded to spark a revolution in modern dance music. Two French kids, barely out of their teens changed the game. To break free of the Euro-dance formular and revive house music, they took the tough, rocky, techno sound of bands like The Chemical Brothers and gave it a four-four beat and melodic, disco-influenced approach.

Lets let them take us back to school.

Bonus: IMO the best live mix of all time: ALIVE 2007

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Throwback Thursdays: MSTRKRFT (2008)

Jesse F Keeler and studio wizard Al-P are MSTRKRFT . My favorite Canadian punk electro DJs. We’ve touched on how awesome they are before but today were debuting our new weekly staple! Its throwback thursdays and here is a mix that I credit with getting me hooked on EDM. This essential mix turned me on to Crookers, Justice and the like and opened my mind the the rest of the EDM world.

Of course, we didnt call it EDM back then haha. We were just the weird kids starting dance parties with foreign dance moves we picked up on youtube.

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