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The Cocktail Hour ft. Rudimental

Whats the hardest I danced at Sasquatch? You might think I’d say Major Lazer or Gesaffelstein  (they both did throw down) But without contest is was Rudimental!

Maybe if you’ve seen Rudimental before you would say, ‘Brian, you’re gonna lose it at Rudimental.’ And you would be right. And I would respect your musical opinions very much after that. But I was not properly introduced and thus I was right proper surprised when they lit the dance tent on fire. On fire! So I found this live set for your enjoyment!

Enjoy the soul, and the rhythm, and the drums and most definitely bass.

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Blonde – Higher Ground ft. Charli Taft

This song is what summers are made of. It’s an umbrella in your drink on the beach and the sand in your feet. If you haven’t heard of Blonde yet, they are a duo from the UK which always surprised me because this song screams LA to me. There is a steady bubbling bass line and some beautiful vocals from Charli Taft.

Hope to lay some sunshine on your Monday. Enjoy.




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The Cocktail Hour ft. Disclosure

Happy Friday kids!


This week we are returning to the sultry dub and bass of the UK duo, Disclosure. There’s been a lot of talk about these dudes being on the forefront of this dance music wave. Let me tell you, its definitely fresh. Can’t wait to see what all the hype is about at Sasquatch!


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You may know Benga from his pivotal role and recent work in the supergroup Magnetic Man alongside dub-brothers Skream and Artwork . The ones who know him best however, know he is one of the founders of modern dubstep. In the early 2000s, Benga was a vital part of the little scene in the southern UK that gave birth to the genre that’s been blowing speakers and turning sub-woofers into air conditioners.

You wont find any brostep here either, benga uses his personal bag of tricks to create melodic, wobbly, rhythmic music: not just over the top bass drops with an old hip-hop track thrown on top. Not to say he doesn’t have any bangers in his arsenal, and he is very hip hop influenced, but lets just say hes being doing this longer than most and he knows how to destroy a dance floor.

This Sunday, our local talent Bullet Bill and Elonious will showcase how we do here in Van before grandmaster Benga tears VENUE a new one.

Heres some benga originals and party vids to get your neck and arms warmed up – after the jump

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