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The Cocktail Hour ft Wolfgang Gartner


Its Friday. You kids know the drill. Beats Beats Beats.

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Charlie Darker

Charlie Darker popped up on my radar after doing a particularly crunchy electro remix of Diplos Make You Pop. It was released in a remix package and his signature sound on the track really stood out for me.

So ive been keeping my eye on this 19 year old Canadian kid from Toronto. Hes making a splash in the electro scene and has had the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Wolfgang Gartner, LA Riots, Mord Fustang, and Peace Treaty. Hes climbed the beatport charts as well reaching #5 with his official remix of Mord Fustangs Electric Dream.

But whats really got my face contorted up in a scrunchy unattractive bass face is his first installment of a monthly mix called Anger Management. Youll taste a good amount of his originals and remixes and some fresh bangers from the rest of the crunchy electro scene. These are ma jams. Look out for this kid.

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Miike Snow : Happy to You : new album + singles + movie

So Miike Snow have finalized the date of the new album and it hits the streets the week of March 26th. Happy to You is going to be another injection of quality music into the scene. Miike Snow’s got the ability to work with electronic instruments in the non-club-banger application, staying true to their style or genre, whatever that might be. For me this is the happiest midpoint between indie music and edm. Hopefully they will add Vancouver to their tour, but so far that doesn’t look likely, although they are hitting Seattle on April 10th.


The singles just keep piling up! Remixes by Joey Youngman, Alex Metric, Dity South, Jacques Lu Cont… Continue reading

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animal instincts : Candyland

Quality house music! Love it!

As this couple-o-dj’s puts it: WARNING: We are a co-ed Electro House/ Dubstep duo! Not the board game!

Candyland’s Animal Instincts EP.


The better single on the recent release is Panda Bear. A lil complextro taste w/ a nice slowdown-break that nods to the parallel dubstep movement. Koyote is the other single on this EP and sports and Alex Mind remix..


I love it, its this Wofgang Gartner influenced sound that rebounded from his dark tones to become the always-uplifting collection of sounds appropriately named Candyland. Make sure to like their facebook page and preview the other singles they have being released: Pirates EP n Starving Cactus EP…

Ciao, bambinos…

truly yours, sq.face



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weekend in america : Wolfgang Gartner : the best of the new album

It’s funny to call it the best of, this is more of a reassurance that the whole album is great. Weekend in America is Joey Youngman’s first full LP and is [in my books] the best electronic dance music album this year. Make sure to grab yourselves a Bonus Edition of the disc.

To put it in perspective.. if you liked D.G.’s Disc2 and think it was quite a good addition to your iTunes, then believe me, this is twice is good. The eerie sound of Gartner’s distorted organs are always a good touch, with the eclectic collection of his complextro genre the sound of the album really comes together to expose what Youngman is all about. There is a good exploration of different sounds throughout the album including 4 vocal tracks : Forever, Get ‘Em, Still My Baby and Circus Freaks. Continue reading


looks like our man Wolfgang Gartner is hard at work and soon due for a debut!

You gotta love the man who has been instrumental in defining the sub-genre of complextro. I still remember the first time I let my ears feast on the clusterfuck-of-sounds of a drop that this man unleashed with Firepower and 5th Symphony. I mean at first, my dancing feet were confused, but that confusion led to an elemental tease to really get them going. With the release of these tracks Joey Youngman definitely made a milestone that made house music make a turn in the right direction.

Now as the Texas based producer has developed and grown, he is releasing his debut album on Continue reading